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Goldtouch Keyboard Review

Are you looking for an ergonomic keyboard for your long working hours? One that offers optimum comfort to your wrist and shoulders and is compatible with various devices. Then, this Goldtouch Keyboard Review is ready for you. 

Its adjustable plane angles are designed to give you optimum comfort. Moreover, its split body also makes it extremely portable, allowing it to be carried everywhere like any other mobile device. 

So, if you are also interested in buying a Goldtouch Keyboard for your office or home, then keep on scrolling. This Goldtouck Keyboard Review has many points you need to know before investing in the new keyboard. 


The Goldtouch V2 adjustable keyboard is the second generation of the amazing Goldtouch keyboards. It has an ergonomic design with a sleek and portable body. The keyboard features a 0 to 30-degree horizontal plane so you can straighten your wrist up to your optimum comfort. 

Moreover, it also features a 0 to 30-degree vertical plan. You can alleviate the inward turning of your wrist, reduce the tension in the shoulder, and align your shoulds and arms in a natural and comfortable position. So, you can easily survive long working hours without wrist sprain and tendon soreness. 

goldtouch keyboard review

Moreover, the keys are also at full distance, so you won’t be repeating mistakes and errors while typing. Additionally, the keyboard can be modified according to different body types for optimum comfort. Therefore, you don’t have to cooperate with a standard design. 


Brand Goldtouch
Model Goldtouch V2 Ergonomic Keyboard
Width 17 inches
Length 8 inches 
Height 2 inches
Weight 3.3 pounds
Maximum tilt angle30 to 33 degrees
Key activation force35 N
Key pressing distance 3.6 mm
Cable length 1.8 m
Official warranty1 year


GTN 0099US EnglishCompatible with PC only
GTU 0088US English Compatible with PC and Mac
GTN 99FCFrench CanadianCompatible with PC only

It follows a patented lock and lever system with a 0 to 30-degree horizontal plane and a 0 to 30-degree vertical plane. Its easy, slim, ergonomic, and foldable body makes it as portable as any of your mobile devices. 

It has multimedia key support which is compatible with both Windows and Mac OS. The keyboard can be easily connected with Windows 7, 8, 10, Vista, XP, and 2000. It also works with Mac 10.4 and above. 

The keyboard has an extremely soft touch with zero noise. It requires a low activation force and features a full key travel distance so you don’t miss any errors while typing. 

The keyboard doesn’t require any external driver and software. It can be easily connected to the PC or Mac via a USB port. Moreover, the keyword is available in 14 different global languages. 

Its two feet on the back of the keyboard give it a negative slopping angle. Mostly, the keyboards have an upward titled position, which causes great pressure on the tendons. However, Goldtouch features a natural, neutral, and downward position, which is quite comfortable for the wrist and shoulders. 


  • Can adjust numeric keys
  • Soft touch keys
  • It can be used with both PC and Mac
  • Fixed numeric pad
  • A decent layout of keys
  • It comes with a ball joint lock system
  • Quick and comfortable typing
  • Mechanical key switching
  • Compact and portable


  • It is not a complete split keyboard
  • No negative tilt
  • “Option” and “Command” keys issue for Mac Users
  • A bit higher price
  • No backlit option


  1. Is the Goldtouch Keyboard compatible with Mac?

Yes, only the GTU 0088 version of the Goldtouch V2 keyboard is compatible with Mac and PC as well. The other two variants, GTN 0099 and GTN 99FC, are only compatible with PCs.

  1. Are there any programmable keys in the Goldtouch keyboard?

No, there are no programmable keys in any variant of the Goldtouch V2 keyboard. The keyboard is very compact. So, there is no space for any extra keys. 

  1. Why am I unable to use 10 numeric keys?

The numeric keys may be locked. You can press the “NUM LOCK” key, and the green light on the keyboard will light up. After that, you will be able to use the ten numeric keys. If you press the “NUM LOCK” key again, the numeric keys will start working.

  1. Is the Goldtouch keyboard wireless?

No, the Goldtouch V2 keyboard is not wireless. It is a wired keyboard with USB connectivity. The USB cable attached to the Goldtouch keyboard is around 1.8 meters long.

  1. Can I use all the Goldtouch keyboard keys on Mac?

The Goldtouch V2 keyboard’s GTN 0099 variant is fully compatible with Mac. Therefore, you can easily use all the functions and control keys on a Mac. You just have to flip a switch installed under the keyboard.

  1. Can I split my Goldtouch keyboard into two halves?

No, the Goldtouch V2 is not a true split keyboard. So, you can not split it without mechanical instruments. This can be difficult and time-consuming, and the keyboard will not work either.

Kiran Yahya
Kiran Yahya
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