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Mevo Camera Review

Are you a video streamer or content creator looking for a decent camera to film your vlogs and videos? This Mevo Camera Review will surely be of help to you. Unlike most of the cameras in the market, the Mevo camera is neither known for its resolution nor compatibility. 

However, they are a hit because of their unique software, which allows you to pair multiple cameras and switch between them even while shooting live videos. This way, the content creators don’t need an expensive and complex setup to shoot them from different angles. 

However, the camera supports a little zooming, and it is neither an action camera nor a webcam. So, the only reason for investing in this camera is to make your work more efficient and free your cell phone from the duty of recording videos.

 So, if you don’t mind spending some extra dollars on buying a professional camera for solo and live streaming, then keep scrolling through the Mevo Camera Review. It indeed has an honest verdict of the specs and cons of the Mevo camera, so you can easily make up your mind. 


This camera is a wise choice for online content creators and video streamers. It cuts out the cost of multiple cameras and expensive setups to record videos from different angles. You can easily connect different devices using the Mevo mobile app, and capture videos in the most hassle-free and straightforward manner.

Its wireless body makes it extremely portable to be carried around different filming locations. However, it may need a tripod if you want to capture video from a distance. Its high resolution and simple interface surely make it popular among new content creators. But it doesn’t fulfill the pixel requirement of professional streamers. 

Mevo Camera Review


Brand Logitech
Model Logitech Mevo Start
Color Black 
Width 3.4 inches
Length 1.3 inches
Height 2.9 inches
Weight 230 grams
Ports micro SD card3.5 mm audio inputUSB type-C charging port
Light indicatorsYes 
Wireless Yes 
Processor Ambarella H22
Battery timing6 hours
Sensor resolution 2 megapixels
Recording resolution 1080p
Frame rate30 frames per second
Aspect ratio16:9
Recording rateUp to 50 Mbps
Streaming rateUp to 6 Mbps
Video CodecH.264 and HEVC
Stabilization Yes 
Audio input3 built-in microphones3.5 mm audio input port
HDR imagingYes 
Image flipping Yes 
Audio CodecAAC
Audio frequency and bit-rate48 kHz and 16-bit
WiFi2.4/5.0 GHz
Bluetooth version Bluetooth 4.1
RTMP supportYes 
Water-resistant No 
Diagonal field of view83.7 degrees
Focus adjustment No 
Night mode No 
Memory None 
Motion sensor Yes 
Speaker Buzzer 
Accessories Charging cableMicrofiber clothMounting adapter

Although the camera is a bit old-school, its 1080p HD picture quality makes it an ideal choice for content creators. Its incredible features include switching between Mevo cameras while YouTube streaming, embellishing different camera angles, adding sound to videos, graphic editing, picture-i-picture settings, and light and camera posture settings when making live videos. 

It has a very basic and user-friendly interface. However, it may sometimes stuck on beta testing and cause random quits and disconnections whenever the camera gets a little buggy. 

Although the camera holds a very sleek body, it is not as portable as your mobile phone. Moreover, its lens focus is also not very accurate sometimes, and the battery drains out only after 90 minutes of filming. 

In my verdict, the only benefit of buying a Mevo Camera instead of an iPhone is that you can use your mobile as a cell phone rather than a camera. Hence, if you don’t mind spending $399 for a convenient filming experience, then make a hit; otherwise, the iPhone’s filming quality is not less. 

The Mevo Multicam requires a Mevo Pro subscription. Although the first 14 trial days are completely free, you can test its apps and features, but then you have to buy a subscription to enjoy the premium features. 


  • Very easy-to-use
  • No need to purchase expensive equipment
  • Enables wireless live-streaming
  • Best value for money
  • Good for solo and remote streaming
  • Long battery timing


  • Gets hot quickly
  • It only supports video recording at 1080p and 30 fps
  • It has multiple companion apps
  • Neither an action camera nor a webcam
  • Limited zooming distance


  1. What is the resolution of the Mevo camera?

The Logitech Mevo Start Camera comes with an HD (1080p) recording resolution. The camera resolution of Mevo Start is 2 MP, and the recording frame rate is 30 fps.

  1. Does Logitech own the Mevo camera?

Yes, Mevo is owned by Logitech. The company produces live streaming and video conferencing camera hardware and software. Their main goals are usability, reliability, and affordability.

  1. Does the Mevo Camera work with Androids as well?

Yes, the Mevo Start Camera is compatible with both Android and iOS. You can simply connect it using the companion app. 

  1. Is the Mevo Camera waterproof?

No, the Mevo Start camera is not waterproof. Therefore, you can not use it underwater or in the rain. 

  1. What comes in the box with the Mevo Camera?

In the box of the Mevo Start Camera, you will get a camera, charging cable, microfiber lens cloth, and mounting adapter. 

  1. Can I attach the Mevo Camera with a tripod stand?

Yes, you can easily attach the Mevo Start camera with the tripod stand. It can fit in any stand size.

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