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What is the Best Gaming Console for Kids 2024?

Do you know the gaming can enhance creativity, problem-solving skills and teamwork in children? Gaming consoles nowadays are not only used for entertainment but to boost learning and social interaction capabilities in children. That’s why choosig the right gaming console for kids can be challenging. 

So, this article aims to help you provide all the necessary factors you must consider before buying a gaming console for your children. Moreover, we have also reviewed 5 best gaming consoles for kids in 2024, so you dont have to make an effort. Without further ado, let’s take a sneak peak into the article. 

What are Gaming Consoles And How Do They Work?

Game consoles are devices that can be connected to the monitors and TVs, so you can enjoy our favorite games on big screens. They have hardware like CPUs, GPUs, memory, and storage devices that are optimized to provide improved gaming performance. 

What is the Best Gaming Console for Kids 2024
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Each console has its own operating system designed to manage games, game installation, updates and online services. The controllers necessary for gameplay are the buttons, triggers and analog sticks, which connect to the console via wireless or USB. You can play both or downloaded and discs games. Online communication supports multiplayer gaming, digital stores, and downloads. 

The consoles also features user-friendly interfaces to manage games, settings, and live-streams and other multimedia content. Their purposeful design ensures an immersive gaming experience for players of all ages.

What Should You Ask Before Choosing The Right Gaming Console?

Here are a few queries that you must resolve before buying a gaming console for kids. After considering all these factors, you can surely make a well-informed choice of the console that your kids or family will cherish. So, keep on scrolling.

Age and Interests 

Before buying a console for your child, check whether it is age-appropriate and matches your child’s interests. There are different consoles available in the market to suit different customers’ demands and for various game genres. Some consoles are suitable for the entire family, while others are for more mature gaming.


 Ask your child the type of console their friends own. Then buy the most compatible consoler so they can play multiplayer games either online or on one console.

Online Safety

Make sure that the game your child is playing is according to his/her age. Choose a controller that supports age-appropriate games on the console. This way you can limit your children’s exposure to improper materials and restrict their unnecessary social network usage.

Monitoring and Restrictions

Choose a controller that allows you to remotely monitor your child’s gaming activities. Therefore, you can set time limits and make rules for their gaming session according to their ge and daily schedule.

Support and Guidance

Before purchasing a gaming console, ask the store worker to provide all necessary information about console capabilities and parental mode setting.

Best 5 Best Gaming Console for Kids 2024

Nintendo Switch

The home/portable console, Nintendo Switch, allows you to easily switch between home and portable gaming. It features 6.2-inch LCD screen, an expandable 32GB internal storage and a detachable Joy-Con controllers. It supports wireless connectively through Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and has USB Type-C. These features makes it versatile for gaming on the television or in the hand. It is indeed a budget friendly controller suitable for people of all ages. Moreover, it also features parental control mode to provide a safe gaming environment for children.

What is the Best Gaming Console for Kids 2024
Screen6.2-inch LCD, 1280×720 resolution
Storage32GB internal, expandable via microSD
ConnectivityWi-Fi, Bluetooth, USB Type-C
ControllersDetachable Joy-Con
Battery LifeApproximately 4.5 – 9 hours
Online ServicesNintendo eShop, Online multiplayer
Parental ControlsYes


  • Seamless transition between home and portable gaming
  • Wide range of family-friendly and popular titles
  • Expandable storage for enhanced game library


  • Display resolution may not match competitors’ higher-end models
  • Joy-Con drift issue reported by some users

Nintendo Switch Lite

The Nintendo Switch Lite is a sleek, portable and ergonomically gaming consoles featured with neon yellow joy-stick lite to give you a premium gaming experience.It has a light weight and strong built, therefore i is ideal for both youngster and gaming enthusiast.

Moreover, it also includes a detachable joy stick so you can enjoy nintendo switch hand-on mode games ranging from action-adventure to multiplayer games. Its 5.5 inch touchscreen display and a long battery life makes it a perfect voice for extended gaming sessions. So, undoubtedly it is a great option forgamers who want a comfortable and convenient gaming console 

What is the Best Gaming Console for Kids 2024
Screen5.5-inch LCD, 1280×720 resolution
Storage32GB internal, expandable via microSD
ConnectivityWi-Fi, Bluetooth (for controllers)
ControllersIntegrated controls
Battery LifeApproximately 3 – 7 hours
Online ServicesNintendo eShop, Online multiplayer
Parental ControlsYes


  • Compact and lightweight, perfect for on-the-go gaming
  • Lower price point compared to the standard Nintendo Switch
  • Good battery life for extended play sessions


  • Exclusively handheld mode limits versatility compared to the standard Switch
  • Lack of TV docking capability restricts multiplayer options

 Xbox Series S

The Xbox Series S, manufactured by Microsoft is an advance digital-only gaming console which is highlighted fo its affordability and powerful hardware. It has an efficient 120 FPS(Frame Per Second) rate along with 1440p resolution to add professional and smooth visuals in your gameplay. Moreover, it has a slim and intricately shaped that complements the modern stylish home theater systems while it supports majority older xbox version games a the same time.

What is the Best Gaming Console for Kids 2024

The console lacks physical discs. Although this makes it convenient for players who prefer simpler setup, but most users consider it a disadvantage in the current console generation. Apart from this, it is surely an  accessible option for those who want  high-quality gaming console without breaking the bank.

GPUAMD RDNA 2, 4 teraflops
CPUCustom 8-core AMD Zen 2
Storage512GB SSD
ResolutionUp to 1440p
Frame RateUp to 120 FPS
Ray TracingYes
Optical DriveNone (Digital-only)
Backward CompatibilityYes (select Xbox One titles)
Online ServicesXbox Game Pass, Xbox Live Gold


  • Affordable entry point to next-gen gaming
  • Compact and sleek design
  • Supports high frame rates and smooth gameplay with ray tracing


Limited storage capacity (512GB SSD)

No physical disc drive restricts access to physical game media

PlayStation 4

If you want a reliable gaming console, then there is no better option than the PlayStation series. The PlayStation 4 is known for its robust gaming performance and a strong gaming library of its own titles and other third-party games. Its user-friendly interface and powerful hardware surely provides you an immersive and closer to reality graphic visuals. Moreover, it also supports HDR imaging technology to offer bright and realistic visuals especially when you pair it with an HDR supported television set. 

What is the Best Gaming Console for Kids 2024
GPUAMD Radeon, 1.84 teraflops
CPU8-core AMD Jaguar
Storage500GB or 1TB HDD
ResolutionUp to 1080p
Frame RateUp to 60 FPS
Optical DriveBlu-ray/DVD
Backward CompatibilityYes (select PS2 and PS3 titles)
Online ServicesPlayStation Plus, PlayStation Now


  • Extensive library of exclusive games and third-party titles
  • HDR support enhances visual fidelity
  • Includes a Blu-ray/DVD drive for physical media


  • Limited to 1080p resolution
  • Standard HDD can lead to slower load times

PlayStation 5 

The PlayStation 5 or PS5 is an advance gaming console system that supports cutting-edge technology and provides exceptional performance in gaming. It features a custom SSD storage and powerful hardware to load large games in no time. Moreover, it supports advance ray tracing technology tha provides 4k resolutions at 120 FPS to make graphics even more realistic.Additionally its DualSense controller has introduced adaptive triggers and haptic feedback to make it more compatible with modern games.  

What is the Best Gaming Console for Kids 2024
Specifications Details
GPUAMD Radeon RDNA 2, 10.28 teraflops
CPU8-core AMD Zen 2
StorageCustom 825GB SSD
ResolutionUp to 4K
Frame RateUp to 120 FPS
Optical Drive4K UHD Blu-ray
Backward CompatibilityYes (select PS4 titles)
Online ServicesPlayStation Plus, PlayStation Now


  • State-of-the-art SSD for fast loading times
  • Supports 4K resolution and up to 120 FPS gameplay
  • DualSense controller with adaptive triggers and haptic feedback


  • Limited backward compatibility with previous PlayStation generations
  • Higher price point compared to other consoles


When choosing the right gaming console for your kids, you must consider factors such as their age, interests, and safety. This article has an overview of key factors to consider, including compatibility, online safety, and parental controls. 

Our guider will surely help you select a console that offers a safe, enjoyable, and enriching gaming experience for your child. Although we have reviewed the 5 best gaming consoles, we encourage you to explore more in the market to find the best option for yourself. 

Kiran Yahya
Kiran Yahya
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