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Best Mouse for Valorant

Whether you are a valorant, an Esport player, or a simple computer user, you need a good pair of peripheral devices to comfortably and efficiently complete your tasks and assignments. The most important thing while using a desktop is the comfort of the wrist and the palm. 

Hence, here we have a list of the Best Mouse For Valorant. So that you can play tournaments for hours without being harsh on your hands. So keep on scrolling through the article until you find yourself the best fit. 

Logitech G Pro X Superlight

It is tagged as the best pro-grade gaming mouse anyone can get, Its layout is quite simple consisting of five buttons and a rotating wheel. However, the game changer is its hero sensor that can sense a resolution of 25,600DPI and provide exemplary fast tracking. 

Best Mouse for Valorant

The model is extremely lightweight to ensure the comfort of the user. Yet it has strong grips so that you won’t lose control while gaming. Even though the Mice doesn’t have Bluetooth connectivity you can easily connect it via Wi-Fi connection within seconds. 

The mouse covers all the features a pro gamer needs ranging from 25,600DPI resolution, 400 inches IPS tracking speed, 1000Hz polling rate, and a buttery smooth movement. In my final verdict, I’ll just suggest that if you are looking for an ideal mouse for Valorant then there is no better option than Logitech G Pro X Superlight. 

Height 4.9 inches
Width 2.5 inches
Depth 1.6 inches
Weight 63 grams
Number of buttons 5 buttons
Sensor Hero 
Sensor typeOptical 
Resolution 100 to 25 600 DPI
Maximum acceleration 40 grams
Maximum speed400 IPS
USB report rate1 ms
Microprocessor 32-bit ARM
Constant motion70 h
Scroll wheel Yes 
Polling rate1000 Hz
Connector typeUSB type-A
Supported operating systemWindows MacOS
Wireless range2 meters
LED indicatorYes 


  • Long battery timing
  • Comfortable grip and usage
  • Perfect wireless experience
  • Light in weight
  • Amazing sensor


  • High priced
  • The charging port is micro-USB
  • Poor scroll wheel

Razer Viper V2 Pro

Although the Razer Viper V2 Pro was designed for the Esports player it can be a great option for everyday use because of its lightweight body, nondescript simple design, long battery life, and customization options. 

The mice are comparatively few inches smaller than other gaming mice in the market which makes them more compatible. Moreover, more than half of the mice consist of palm-resistant areas. 

The mouse has a manual button on the bottom for dots per inch sensitivity. Unlike other gaming mice in the market, its layout is quite simple yet efficient in performing its tasks both for gaming and working purposes. In the customize tab, you can easily change or alter any of the settings or features of the mouse to adjust it to your preference. 

Moreover, it also has a long and stable battery life of over 70 hours. The only out-of-pot thing about this device is its price. But, if you want something with exemplary performance and a versatile lightweight body, then it is a great option. 

Weight 58 grams
Polling rate4000 Hz
Sensor type30K optical sensor
Battery life80 hours
Gripping handRight hand
Wireless Yes 
RGB lightingNo 
Maximum sensitivity 30 000 DPI
Maximum speed750 IPS
Maximum acceleration 70 g
Click lifecycle90 million clicks
On-board memory profile1
Mouse feet100 PTFE
Cable typeUSB type-C
Length 5 inches
Width 2.6 inches
Height 1.5 inches


  • Comes with a grip tape
  • Perfect wireless experience
  • Comfortable grip for righties
  • High polling rate
  • Impressive built quality


  • High priced
  • Requires separate dongle for high polling rate
  • No storage for the wireless receiver
  • No free scroll mode

Logitech G Pro

The mouse has been known for its flawless cord-free performance and top-notch sensors. The mice have a striped-down and simple design to offer comfort and elegance at the same time. The design doesn’t match any of the Logitech models available in the market. 

It is compact and small yet a good fit for your palm grip. It has a total of five buttons and a dot-per-inch sensitivity button on the bottom. Although changing DPI frequently is not very satisfying the design is very comfortable and makes gaming much easier. 

The mouse is extremely lightweight but still, it has a good grip. Another treat is you can adjust its buttons and it can be used by both left-hand and right-hand gamers. The design layout is quite simple which makes it look a little cheap and outdated. 

However, if we look into its features they are indeed a hit. You can easily customize its DPI level, button commands, lighting, and three DPI indication buttons on the front. Its long battery life can last for almost 40 to 50 hours. 

Its incredibly lightweight and streamlined body make it a hit in the market. However, if you are a professional gamer, then this mouse deserves a look.  

Sensor typeOptical sensor
Number of buttons8 buttons
DPI100 to 16 000
Polling rate1000 Hz
Response time1 ms
Acceleration 40 g
RGB customizationYes 
Mouse hand gripBoth 
Supported operating systemChromeOSWindowsMacOS
Connector typeUSB type-A
Cable length1.8 mm
Maximum battery life60 hours
LED indicatorYes 
Weight 80 grams
Length 4.9 inches
Width 2.5 inches
Height 1.6 inches


  • Long battery timing
  • Excellent grip
  • Great wireless connectivity
  • Very comfortable
  • Low latency
  • Portable
  • Sufficient buttons
  • Compatible with Windows and MacOS


  • micro-USB port
  • Costly 
  • Not for people with small hands

Xtrfy M8 Wireless

This mouse’s quality is guaranteed by its brand name since Xtrfy has never disappointed its customers. Although there are more light eight mice options available in the market Xtrfy claimed that with their product you’ll not need to add any additional grip. 

The mouse is indeed one of the lightest mice on the market right now. Usually, a lightweight lice loses its quality but this is not the case with the Xtrfy M8 wireless mouse. Although it is compact and small it still gives you an expensive feel and touch. 

However, due to its small size, it supports USB-C ports attached to the back right-hand side of the mouse. The porthole is secured with a rubber stopper which is sometimes annoying to remove. Its body and buttons are highly durable and can accompany you for a long time if you are planning to invest in them. 

It has a long 72-hours battery life whereas it only takes a 2-hour charging time. Unlike other mice, it doesn’t have any software to adjust settings. You can manually set them on the mouse. This means you can not set different profiles for different games but it has also made setting adjustments much effortless. 

So to conclude, if the lack of profiles and advanced mouse settings is not a big deal then, this mouse surely deserves a hit. 

Connection USB
Connection frequency2.4 Hz
Wireless  Yes 
Battery life 75 hours
Sensor typeOptical sensor
DPI26 000 DPI
Maximum acceleration50 g
Number of buttons5 buttons
IPS 650
Polling rate1000 Hz
Cable length1.8 meters
Width  60.5 mm
Depth 118 mm
Height 38.5 mm
Weight 55 grams


  • Great built quality
  • Comfortable shape for longer usage
  • No need for any software
  • Amazing buttons
  • Excellent scroll wheel
  • Perfect wireless connectivity


  • Not for people with big hands
  • Lower height of buttons
  • Fairly priced


Q. Which mouse do Valorant Pro players use?

Ans. Logitech G Pro X Superlight is the best mouse for professional Valorant players. According to a short survey, one-third of Valorant players prefer the Logitech G Pro X Superlight over any other gaming mouse. This mouse has a long battery life with perfect wireless connectivity. Furthermore, the grip is very comfortable and its body is lightweight which enables longer usage. Other than that, it also has a powerful sensor that makes everything more smooth.

Q. Which is the best Valorant gaming mouse company in the world?

Ans. Several well-known mouse companies in the market produce the best gaming mouse for professional gamers. However, Logitech is the leading gaming mouse maker in the world. It is a Swiss company that focuses more on the built quality and user experience. They have been providing services around the world for 40 years. 

Q. What is the best mouse polling rate for Valorant?

Ans. Every mouse comes with a different polling rate and latency. But for gaming purposes, most experts recommend buying a mouse with around 1000 Hz or more polling rate and 1 ms latency. These features are very crucial for gaming on a higher level. Another thing to keep in notice is that a mouse with a 1000 Hz polling rate can not be used for normal day-to-day usage

Our Verdict

In conclusion, selecting the right mouse for Valorant, whether you’re a professional esports player or a casual gamer, is crucial for a comfortable and efficient gaming experience. Among the top options discussed, the Logitech G Pro X Superlight stands out as an excellent choice, offering exceptional sensor performance, lightweight design, and wireless connectivity.

However, personal preferences and budget considerations should also play a role in your decision. Ultimately, finding the best mouse for Valorant depends on your individual needs and gaming style.

Kiran Yahya
Kiran Yahya
Kiran Yahya is a professional technical writer with 4+ years of experience. Her expertise include writing detailed, unbiased reviews on tech products and tools, along with covering trending news on relevant topics.


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