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Best Vevor Chain Hoists in 2023

Whether you are looking for good lifting capabilities, speed, duty cycle, or other key features to make your lifting job safe and efficient, the Vevor Chain Hoist has covered you up by all means. With time, it is becoming increasingly popular among the construction industry for lifting and moving heavy loads. It comes in both manual and electric chain hoist models. 

And all you need to do is to find the right one according to your work requirements. Therefore, this Best Vevor Chain Hoist in 2023 Review, gives you all the necessary information about the specifications pros, and cons of hoist chains to help you make the right decision. Hence without wasting any further time let’s dig into the article. 

Most Popular Chain Hoist by Vevor

Vevor Air Powered Chain Hoist

Vevor Air Powered Chain Hoist is the lightest Chain Hoist made by Vevor. The lift weight and height capabilities of this Vevor chain hoist are 0.5 tons and 16 feet, respectively. The Vevor has designed it in a way that it uses compressed air to carry out mechanical works. Since it is very lightweight, you can easily take it anywhere without depending on any transport. Moreover, you do not have to do its maintenance that often. 

Best Vevor Chain Hoists in 2023

Besides that, one drawback of this Vevor chain hoist is its lower lift height (around 16 feet). This is because of its low weight and power. Another issue is the availability of compressed air. Vevor Air Power Chain Hoist only works on compressed air, and that is not always accessible at every location. 

Vevor 2 Ton Electric Chain Hoist

Vevor 2 Ton Electric Chain Hoist can easily withstand a weight of 2 tons up to the height of 16 feet. The power requirement of this Vevor chain hoist is around 110 volts. The main highlights of the Vevor 2-ton electric chain hoist are its lifting power, quick speed, and durability. The power requirement of chain hoists can be met at any location which makes it easier to set up. Moreover, it can also work for a long period without overheating. 

The negative side of this chain hoist is its weight. It is not very portable and you can face some inconveniences. Other than that, the controls of the Vevor 2-Ton Chain Hoist are very basic and old. 

Vevor 20 Ton Heavy Duty Electric Chain Hoist

Vevor 20 Ton Heavy Duty Electric Chain Hoist is one of the most powerful chain hoists available. It can lift a weight of 20 tons (44800 lbs) to a maximum height of 16 feet. Plus, it uses around 380 volts of electricity to operate efficiently. The pros of this Vevor chain hoist are already mentioned in its name (heavy lifting and extended duty cycle). 

Best Vevor Chain Hoists in 2023

Moreover, the major downside of this Vevor chain hoist is its high pricing and high power consumption. Apart from this, you are not recommended to use it for lighter tasks. 

Pros & Cons of Vevor Chain Hoist


  • Amazing build quality
  • Very easy to use
  • Quick and efficient customer service


  • The quality of the chain box is not good
  • Not so durable (stop working after some time)
  • The packaging is very cheap
  • Many buyers have posted negative reviews of the Vevor chain hoist

Things to Consider in a Chain Hoist

Whether you are going to buy a chain hoist from Vevor or any other brand, you have to take a thorough look at these things. The main features you need to consider are:

  • The operating speed (feet per minute)
  • The actual weight of the chain hoist
  • The controls and key features
  • The power type and power standard
  • The warranty period and details
  • Quantity and quality of hooks
  • The additional accessories 


Although the job of Chain Hoist is quite basic on the construction sites. But a little compromise over its quality durability or features can cost you great damage. Therefore, Vevor chain hoist offers you the best value chains within a decent price range. Their chains come in a variety of heights, lifting speeds, and power supply capabilities to cope with every kind of light to heavy-duty on-site job. 


  1. Where do they manufacture Vevor Chain Hoists?

The Vevor chain hoists are mainly manufactured and distributed in China. And it is one of the reasons why they provide good value at a decent price. 

  1. How can I contact the Customer Service of Vevor chain Hoist?

The live chat on the website of Vevor is available 24/7. So you can conveniently share your queries and issues with them for completely free. Besides that, if you want to talk to customer service on the phone call, then here is the phone number (855-385-1880). You can freely call them during business hours on any day of the week. 

  1. Can I cancel my order and how?

Yes, you can cancel your order from Vevor. But there is one condition, it should not have been shipped to your region. The cancelation process is very simple. You just have to go to the “My Order” section on Vevor’s website and click on “Cancel.”

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