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Top 4 Best wireless headphones for TV 

If you want to make your TV time extra awesome, favorite shows and games with super clear sound, all without disturbing those around you. You can do this by using wireless headphones. We want to help you improve your TV-watching experience by picking headphones that sound great and feel comfy and cool how good the sound is, how comfortable the headphones are, and their style. So, let’s jump straight into the article as we are going to discuss the top 4 best headphones for TV. 

Sennheiser RS 195 RF Wireless TV Headphones

The Sennheiser RS 195 wireless headphones are a superb choice for enhanced home entertainment. These headphones offer personalized sound settings, noise reduction, and a music mode for superior audio quality. 

Top 4 Best wireless headphones for TV 

They come with a multi-purpose transmitter that serves as a charger and provides up to 18 hours of usage on a full charge. Their comfortable design blocks background noise and intuitive controls make adjusting volume and balance a breeze. 

However, they aren’t Bluetooth-compatible, so ensure your devices have the right connections. If you plan to use these wireless TV headphones internationally, you may need an adapter. For the best experience, consult the user manual for setup instructions.

Overall, the Sennheiser RS 195 headphones are an excellent option for those seeking a customized and immersive audio experience during movies, music, and TV sessions. Just keep device compatibility and international use in mind.

BrandSennheiser Consumer Audio
Model NameRS 195
Form FactorOver Ear
Connectivity TechnologyWireless
Wireless RangeUp to 328ft/100m (line of sight)
Hearing EnhancementSelectable hearing boost presets
Noise Suppression ModeYes
Music ModeYes
TransmitterMulti-purpose transmitter
Transmitter FunctionsDigital and Analog Inputs, Charging Cradle
Rechargeable BatteriesUp to 18 hours of operating time
CompatibilityOptical Digital, Analog, 3.5mm Headphone
WarrantyTwo years from authorized dealer
Bluetooth CompatibilityNot compatible
THD (total harmonic distortion)<0.5% at 1 kHz, 100 dB SPL
International UseMay require adapters or converters
User Manual InformationRefer to Technical Specification Manual


  • Exceptional wireless headphones with audio of long range.
  • Personalized hearing boost and noise suppression.
  • Music mode for dynamic range.
  • Multi-purpose transmitter with charging.
  • Up to 18 hours of battery life.
  • Comfortable and noise-reducing design.
  • Easy-to-use volume and balance controls.
  • Offers speech and music listening modes.


  • Not Bluetooth-compatible.
  • Designed for the US.
  • May need adapters for international use.
  • A user manual may be required for setup.

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Avantree HT5009 Wireless TV Headphones

These headphones are the ultimate companion for your TV-watching experience, offering compatibility with a wide range of TVs through Optical, AUX, and RCA inputs. The standout feature is their ability to keep audio perfectly synced with video, even when used with your soundbar or speakers. 

Top 4 Best wireless headphones for TV 

These headphones offer universal compatibility, straightforward setup, and exceptional audio-visual synchronization, all while allowing you to enjoy TV with your soundbar or speakers. While not suitable for bass lovers, they cater to those who value clarity in their audio. 

It is important to mention that they require your TV’s audio format to be set to PCM for optimal performance and may not work with TVs lacking functional audio outputs. Nevertheless, the Avantree BTHT-5009-BLK shines as one of the best wireless headphone options for TV, promising peace and clarity during your entertainment time.

Model NameBTHT-5009-BLK
Form FactorOver Ear
Connectivity TechnologyBluetooth 5.0, Wireless, Optical, RCA, 3.5mm AUX
Wireless Communication TechnologyBluetooth
Compatible Audio OutputsOptical, AUX, RCA
Audio Latency<40 ms (FastStream Bluetooth)
Soundbar/Stereo AVR SupportYes (Pass-through feature)
Bluetooth RangeUp to 164 ft (50 m, Class 1)
Battery Life (Headphone)Up to 40 hours of playtime, 20 days of standby
Dual Link TechnologyYes (Add a 2nd pair of headphones)
Mono Stereo FunctionSupported
Headphone Driver Size40mm
Headphone Impedance32 ohms
Frequency Response (Headphone)20Hz-20KHz
Audio Codecs Supported (Headphone)FastStream, SBC
Operating Range (Transmitter)Up to 164 ft (50 m, Class 1)
Audio Codecs Supported (Transmitter)aptX-Low latency, FastStream, aptX, SBC
Weight (Headphone)Not specified
Weight (Transmitter)Not specified


  • Universally compatible with various TVs (Optical, AUX, RCA).
  • Easy setup, no complex Bluetooth pairing.
  • <40ms audio latency for perfect synchronization.
  • Simultaneous headphone and speaker use with volume control.
  • Long Bluetooth range, up to 164ft (50m).
  • Dual Link for sharing with another pair of headphones.
  • Multiple audio output options (Optical, AUX, RCA).
  • Wireless TV headphones with 40-hour battery life.
  • Bypass function for use with soundbars.
  • Compatible with a variety of audio devices.


  • Not compatible with Dolby DTS audio.
  • Requires TV audio format set to PCM for best performance.
  • May not work with TVs lacking functional audio output ports.
  • Incompatible with RCA outputs on AV Receivers.
  • May mute built-in TV speakers (TV-dependent).
  • Designed for balanced sound, not for heavy bass enthusiasts.

Logitech G433 Gaming Wireless TV Headphones

The Logitech G433 gaming headset is a versatile choice for TV enthusiasts who seek an excellent audio experience. With its lightweight and comfy design, it’s perfect for long binge-watching sessions. The headset’s DTS Headphone:X 7.1 surround sound tech and Pro-G drivers ensure a clear and immersive audio quality, making your favorite TV shows come to life. Moreover, it also comes with a detachable boom microphone with noise reduction, making sure your voice is crystal clear during those late-night movie chats.

Top 4 Best wireless headphones for TV 

However, it is also noticeable that its plastic construction feels a bit less sturdy, and mobile users might miss volume control on the mobile cable. Additionally, the virtual surround tech works best for certain sources, and for console users, the USB sound adapter is needed for the best experience. 

Also, the bold colors might not be everyone’s cup of tea for public use. Despite these minor hiccups, the Logitech G433 is a solid choice for enhancing your TV-watching escapades with its exceptional audio features and comfort.

BrandLogitech G
Model NameG433
Form FactorOver Ear
Frequency Response20Hz – 20KHz (Additional: 100Hz – 10KHz)
DesignCircumaural, mesh-cloth cover
MicrophoneDetachable boom mic with micro-pop filter
Ear PadsHydrophobic, stain-resistant fabric shell
CablesTwo interchangeable: PC (braided), mobile (smooth plastic)
Swivel DesignCans swivel 90 degrees for easy storage
Surround SoundDTS Headphone:X 7.1 surround sound
DriversPro-G drivers for dynamic audio range
SoftwareLogitech Gaming Software for customization
CompatibilityPC, Mac, PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, mobile
Build MaterialLightweight plastic construction
WeightLightweight for extended use
Noise IsolationSemi-sealed design with hidden port
Microphone TypeCardioid for voice communication
Volume ControlAvailable on PC cable, not on mobile cable
Mute FunctionAvailable on PC cable, not on mobile cable
Console CompatibilityRequires USB sound adapter for virtual surround
Additional FeaturesAutomatic Gain Control (AGC) toggle for mic
WarrantyInformation not provided


  • Lightweight and comfortable design.
  • Hydrophobic, stain-resistant fabric shell.
  • Includes two ear pad sets for customization.
  • DTS Headphone:X 7.1 surround sound.
  • Pro-G drivers for clear audio.
  • Detachable boom mic with noise reduction.
  • Interchangeable cables for PC, console, and mobile.
  • Logitech Gaming Software for customization.
  • Effective noise-canceling microphone.


  • Lightweight plastic construction.
  • Lacks volume control on mobile cable.
  • Limited stereo source compatibility for virtual surround.
  • Consoles require a USB sound adapter for virtual surround.
  • Mic volume may be low for some.
  • Bold colors may not suit public use.

Shure SONIC 50 Wireless TV Headphones

The Shure SONIC 50 Wireless Headphones are surely an exceptional choice for enhancing your TV viewing experience. These headphones showcase audio excellence, meticulously crafted by seasoned professionals. They are equipped with a substantial 50mm driver and compatibility with multiple audio codecs to ensure that your preferred TV shows and movies come to life with crystal-clear sound quality. 

Top 4 Best wireless headphones for TV 

Whether you’re on the move, relaxing at home, or immersed in work, these headphones offer up to 20 hours of uninterrupted listening pleasure, guaranteeing that you won’t miss a single moment. Additionally, they empower you to fine-tune the noise cancellation and transition seamlessly to an environment mode, catering to your auditory preferences. With a wireless range spanning up to 30 feet, you can enjoy the freedom to move around while staying connected. 

For those who hold their TV experience in high regard, the Shure SONIC 50 headphones offer both comfort and top-tier performance, serving as an indispensable asset for dedicated TV enthusiasts.

Model NameSONIC 50
Form FactorOver Ear
ConnectivityWireless, Bluetooth 5
Driver Size50mm
Battery LifeUp to 20 hours
Noise CancelingAdjustable Analog and Digital
AmplifierPremium Headphone Amplifier with multiple codecs
Wired Connectivity3.5mm analog audio input, USB-C digital input
ShurePlus PLAY APPCustomizable EQ, noise cancellation, and Environment Mode
Fingertip ControlsCall answering, voice assistant activation, volume adjustment, music pause
In the Box2-Year Warranty, SONIC 50 Wireless Headphones, protective carrying case, 3.5mm audio cable, USB-C charging cable


  • Premium studio-quality sound
  • Wireless Bluetooth 5 technology
  • Adjustable noise cancellation and environment mode
  • Up to 20 hours of battery life
  • Durable and portable design
  • Supports multiple audio codecs
  • Wired connectivity options
  • ShurePlus PLAY app for customization
  • Fingertip controls
  • Includes a 2-year warranty

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When it comes to the best wireless headphones for TV, your decision should be guided by your specific requirements and preferences. Each option offers unique features, such as personalized sound, ease of use, gaming compatibility, or top-notch audio quality. Choose the headphones that best align with your priorities for an enhanced TV-watching experience.

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