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How To Cancel A Pre-order On Xbox?

The majority of gamers eagerly anticipate the release of new games on Xbox, often opting to pre-order to gain early access and exclusive features. However, there are instances where canceling a pre-order becomes necessary, leading to confusion among users unfamiliar with the process. 

In this guide, we explore various methods for how to cancel a preorder on Xbox successfully including through the Microsoft Store, Xbox Store, console, and more.

What You Need To Know

  • Pre-ordering is a decision fueled by excitement, offering enthusiasts early access and exclusive features.
  • Cancellation methods include the Microsoft Store, Xbox Store, Xbox website, and even physical pre-orders.
  • Reasons for canceling a pre-order may include loss of interest, financial constraints, release postponement, or discovering better alternatives.

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How to Cancel a Pre-Order on Xbox?

1- Microsoft Store

  • Log in to the Microsoft Store with your pre-order credentials.
  • Navigate to your profile or account settings.
  • Access the Order History section to find your pre-order.
  • Click on the pre-order information and select the refund or exchange option.
  • Follow the instructions, provide additional details if necessary, and confirm the cancellation.
  • A confirmation email will be sent, but contacting Microsoft support may be necessary if it is not received.

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2- Xbox Console

  • Turn on your Xbox and log in to Xbox Live.
  • Access My Games & Apps from the dashboard.
  • Locate the pre-ordered game under the Games tab.
  • Open the menu by hitting the three horizontal lines, then click on Manage Game and add-ons.
  • Find the Pre-order tab and choose the cancellation option.
  • Confirm the cancellation when prompted, and you will receive a notification upon successful cancellation.

3- Xbox Store

  • Use your device’s browser to visit the Xbox Store.
  • Go to Account Settings and click on Manage Pre-orders.
  • Find the pre-ordered game you wish to cancel and click the cancel button.
  • The pre-order will be immediately canceled.

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4- Physical Pre-Order

  • Contact the retailer or visit the store where you made the pre-order.
  • Request the cancellation of the pre-order and keep records of the confirmation and refund details.

Microsoft’s Pre-Order Cancellation Policy

  • Payment is deducted 10 days before release if using account credit or a combination of credit card and account balance.
  • Refunds are achievable if canceled before being charged, but digital pre-orders generally have a strict no-refund policy.
  • Physical pre-order refund policies depend on the retailer, not Microsoft.

Refund Eligibility

Digital pre-orders may be refundable in specific circumstances, such as game release delays or cancellations by the publisher.

  • Xbox Game Pass pre-orders follow the same refund policies.

Reasons to Cancel a Pre-Ordered Game:

  • Loss of Interest
  • Financial Constraints
  • Release Postponed or Canceled
  • Discovering Better Alternatives

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Final Words

If you’re a gamer who reserved (pre-ordered) a game for your Xbox, but something unexpected comes up, or you change your mind about buying it, knowing how to cancel that pre-order is really important in such situations. To do this smoothly, you need to understand the ways and rules for canceling pre-orders.

By knowing these methods and policies, you can go through the process of how to cancel a pre-order on Xbox easily, making sure it’s not a stressful experience when you decide to change your plans for getting that game. It’s like having a clear road map to avoid any troubles when handling your pre-orders on Xbox.



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