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How To Check Xbox Controller In 8 Easy Steps?

The Xbox controller is an essential tool for gamers that offers ultimate flexibility to control and play games. Hence, like any electronic device, it may encounter issues sometimes. This is what we will discuss in today’s guide. So, keep reading this article, if you are also keen to know “How To Check Xbox Controller.” 

Step 1- Visual Inspection

The first step is a visual inspection. Don’t forget to examine the exterior of the controller for any physical damage such as cracks, loose buttons, or frayed wires. Make sure that the thumbsticks move smoothly without any obstructions.

Step 2- Power Check

Then, check the power source. If you’re using a wireless controller, ensure the batteries are properly inserted and charged sufficiently. Afterward, confirm that the USB cable is securely connected to both the controller and the console for a wired controller.

Step 3- Button Functionality Test

Next, you need to test each button on the controller to ensure they respond appropriately. So, press each button firmly and observe if there are any delays or unresponsiveness. This includes the triggers, bumpers, D-pad, and face buttons.

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Step 4- Thumbstick Calibration

Never forget that Calibration is crucial for accurate control. Notably, go to the settings menu on your Xbox console and select “Devices & connections” > “Accessories.” Then, find your controller in the list and select “Configure.” After that, follow the on-screen instructions to calibrate the thumbsticks for optimal sensitivity and dead zones.

Step 5- Connectivity Check

If you’re using a wireless controller, make sure that it’s properly synced with your console. Press the Xbox button on the controller to power it on and check if it connects automatically. If not, you may need to re-sync it by pressing the sync button on both the console and the controller.

Step 6- Audio Check

After completing each step, if your controller has a headphone jack, plug it into a headset and test the audio output. So, check that you can hear sound clearly and that the microphone, if present, is functioning correctly. 

Step 7- Fimware Update

Remember to review if there are any firmware updates available for your controller. These updates often contain bug fixes and improvements that can enhance performance. Then, connect your controller to your Xbox console or PC and follow the instructions to update the firmware.

Step 8- Test In-game

Finally, put your controller to the test in-game. Play a few rounds of your favorite game and pay attention to how the controller performs. Note any issues such as input lag, drift, or unresponsiveness.


We hope that now you are fully aware of how to check Xbox controller in real-time. Follow the given instructions thoroughly and it help you fix all problems so that you can enjoy smooth gameplay all the way long.

Kiran Yahya
Kiran Yahya
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