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How To Get GTA 5 on Nintendo Switch For Free?

Grand Theft Auto V usually known as GTA 5, is a popular open-world video game that has gamers globally. It allows players to find a fictional city while engaging in various activities like driving, shooting, and completing missions. Besides, Nintendo Switch is a hybrid video game console. These devices easily connect to enhance your gaming experience and make the cause of enjoyment. So, if you are curious to know “how to get GTA 5 on Nintendo Switch for free,” stay tuned here. 

Step By Step Guide

Why do people face challenges in these situations? We’re here to simplify the process with easy steps, allowing you to effortlessly learn how to get GTA 5 on your Nintendo Switch for free.

Step 1- Install a Homebrew Launcher

Firstly, you’ll need to install a homebrew launcher on your Nintendo Switch. This allows you to run unofficial software GTA 5.

Step 2- Download GTA 5 ROM

Then, find a trustworthy website where you can download the GTA 5 ROM file for the Nintendo Switch. Notably, keep in mind that you’re downloading from a reliable source to avoid any issues.

Step 3- Transfer ROM to SD Card

Don’t forget once you’ve downloaded the GTA 5 ROM, transfer it to the SD card of your Nintendo Switch. Make sure you have enough space on your SD card to accommodate the game.

Step 4- Install Custom Firmware

Afterward, you’ll want to install custom firmware on your Nintendo Switch. This special software modification allows you to install unofficial games as well as GTA 5. Make sure to follow the instructions accurately to avoid any potential errors.

Step 5- Launch GTA 5

Never forget once the custom firmware is successfully installed, access the homebrew launcher on your Nintendo Switch. From there, launch the GTA 5 ROM. Now, you’re all set to indulge in playing GTA 5 on your Nintendo Switch without spending a dime!

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Keep in mind that not all features of GTA 5 may work perfectly on the Nintendo Switch, and there might be performance issues compared to other gaming platforms.

Updates and Patches

Notably, the updates to both Nintendo Switch firmware and custom firmware can affect how well GTA 5 runs. So, stay informed about updates to avoid potential problems.

Community Resources

You need to look for online communities and forums where you can find helpful guides, tutorials, and troubleshooting tips for installing and playing GTA 5 on the Nintendo Switch.

Backup Solutions

Back up your important data is essential before making any changes to your Nintendo Switch. This is all to avoid losing anything if something goes wrong.

Risks and Legalities

Notably, keep in mind that downloading and playing unofficial games such as GTA 5 on your Nintendo Switch may void your warranty and violate copyright laws. Proceed with caution and understand the potential risks involved.


Now, that you are equipped with the guide on how to get GTA 5 on Nintendo Switch for free, it’s crucial to prioritize caution and responsibility throughout the process. Remember that downloading and playing official games entail risks so proceed with care. Enjoy your new game experience quickly! 



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