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How To Get Rid of Keyboard Noise? – 10 Various Methods

Are you tired of the constant clacking of your keyboard? Whether you’re in a shared workspace, attending virtual meetings, or only trying to concentrate, the sound of typing can be distracting for you and others around you. Fortunately, there are simple and effective ways to minimize keyboard noise and reclaim tranquility. Let’s find the steps of “How To Get Rid of Keyboard Noise” along with the reasons why it happens.

Why Keyboard Making Noise?

The primary reason behind the noise generated by keyboards is the impact between the keys and the keyboard frame when a key is pressed. Traditional keyboards utilize mechanical switches that register keystrokes through physical contact, resulting in audible sound feedback with each key press. Furthermore, the vibrations produced during typing can transmit through the keyboard structure and resonate on the surface it rests upon, further amplifying the noise. Notably, you need to understand this source of noise to implement effective solutions to minimize it. Now, let’s know easy steps on how to get rid of keyboard noise. 

Method 1- Adjust Typing Technique

Initially, try to practice typing with a lighter touch. Instead of hitting the keys forcefully type gently which may allow the keys to register with less impact. Sometimes, the issue is straightforward, if your fingers are not the cause behind this noise then try the other steps. 

Method 2- Rubber Dome Keyboard

Keep in mind that rubber dome keyboards work differently from mechanical keyboards – making typing quieter. If you want to reduce noise, think about getting a rubber dome keyboard.

Method 3- Install Silencing Rings

You can purchase silencing rings which are specifically designed for mechanical keyboard models. These rings are typically made of rubber or silicone and are placed around the stem of each keycap. Notably, they would reduce the noise produced when keys hit the bottom of the switch housing.

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Method 4- Keyboard Mat or Pad

Significantly, position a soft, cushioned mat or pad under your keyboard. This serves to absorb vibrations and diminish the sound generated while typing. 

Method 5- Use O-Rings

You may not know O-rings are small rubber rings that can be placed on the stem of mechanical keyboard keycaps. It serves as the best absorber which softens the impact when keys hit the bottom, consequently lowering noise levels. But make sure to buy O-rings that match your keyboard’s keycap size and stem type.

Method 6- Apply Lubricant

Don’t forget lubricating mechanical keyboard switches can reduce friction between moving parts. It may reduce your issue of how to get rid of keyboard noise. Don’t forget to use a specialized keyboard switch lubricant and follow detailed guides or video tutorials to apply it properly to the switch mechanisms.

Method 7- Noise Dampening Materials

Notably, the most effective method will be done by remove the casing of your keyboard and cover the inside with noise-dampening materials like foam or sound-absorbing fabric. This helps to grip extra sound.

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Method 8- Use Software Solutions

You need to remember to install software applications that can actively filter out keyboard noise from microphone input during voice calls or recordings. These programs typically use noise suppression algorithms to differentiate between voice and keyboard sounds, suppressing the latter while transmitting audio.

Method 9- Consider Keycap Replacements

If all else method doesn’t work, just look for keycaps made of thicker or softer materials, such as PBT (polybutylene terephthalate) or silicone. These materials produce less noise when typing compared to thin ABS (acrylonitrile butadiene styrene) keycaps commonly found on budget keyboards.

Method 10- Isolate the Keyboard

Lastly, try to place the keyboard on a separate surface, such as a foam pad or keyboard tray, rather than directly on a hard desk or table surface. Alternatively, invest in a desk mat or pad that provides cushioning and helps absorb sound vibrations, further reducing keyboard noise transmission.

Bottom Line

If you implement these steps, your problem of how to get rid of keyboard might vanish and you would enjoy a new keyboard.

Kiran Yahya
Kiran Yahya
Kiran Yahya is a professional technical writer with 4+ years of experience. Her expertise include writing detailed, unbiased reviews on tech products and tools, along with covering trending news on relevant topics.


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