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How To Play Games Early On Xbox?

If you love playing games and always want to be the first to try new Xbox games, you’re not alone. The good news is, on Xbox, you can actually do that! You get a chance to play games before they’re officially released. 

This guide will show you step by step how to be among the first to play the newest Xbox games. Make sure to read the whole article to get all the details. We’ve gathered the best four methods, and each of them allows you to play games early on Xbox.

1- Change Your Location Setting

If you want to play Xbox games a day before they are officially released, one way is to trick your console by pretending it’s in New Zealand. By changing the location setting in the Xbox system to New Zealand, you can take advantage of the time zone difference, allowing you to access the games as soon as they’re released there. 

To do this, go to the Xbox settings, specifically under “System > Language and Location,” and choose “New Zealand” as your location. Importantly, make this change a day before the game’s official release, and it’s necessary to have an active Game Pass Membership. 

While this method usually works, some users have experienced occasional issues, so it’s crucial to be careful and ensure you have a Game Pass Membership before giving it a try.

2- Join Xbox Game Pass Ultimate 

If you want to play EA games before everyone else, you can do it through Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. This subscription comes with EA Play, which lets you try out certain EA games early. There’s a catch, though — you can only play for up to 10 hours. 

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To do this, go to “My Games & Apps” on your Xbox, find “EA Games” under “Full Library,” and start the game trials. Choose the game you want, select the option for a free trial with EA Play, and then install the game to enjoy it. 

Just keep in mind that not all EA titles are available, and you’re limited to a 10-hour trial for the ones that are.

3- Register For the Xbox Insider Program

If you want to try out new Xbox stuff before everyone else, you can join the Xbox Insider Program. This program lets you get early access to new features, games, and updates that haven’t been released to the public yet. Here’s how you do it:

  • Go to the Microsoft Store and download an app called “Xbox Insider Hub.”
  • Make an account after you’ve downloaded the app.
  • Inside the app, go to the “Preview” section.
  • Join the “Xbox Update Preview” program.

Once you’re part of the program, you can start playing games before they officially come out.

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Just keep in mind that not everyone gets the same games, and what you get might depend on your preferences and how involved you are in the program.

4- Use Xbox “Game Preview” Market

The Xbox Game Preview program is like a backstage pass for gamers – it lets you check out and buy games that are still being made. To do this, just press the Xbox button on your controller, go to the store, and look for the “Game Preview” section. 

In this section, you’ll discover games that aren’t fully done yet—they’re still being made. The neat part is you can try out these games early and share your thoughts with the creators. You might come across unfinished parts or problems (like bugs), but the great thing is you’ll receive all the updates until the game is completely done.

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You don’t need to pay extra, like having Xbox Live Gold, to be part of this early gaming experience. It’s like getting a special look behind the scenes and helping make the games even better.

If you run into any issues while trying the methods mentioned above, just drop a comment here. Our team is here to help and guide you through any problems you might encounter.



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