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How To Play GTA RP On Xbox?

Grand Theft Auto V (GTA 5) is a really popular game that people play on different devices worldwide. Many players enjoy the game because of the cool role-playing (RP) servers where they can act out different characters in the game. 

However, gaming fans who play on gaming consoles are curious if they can also join in on this fun role-playing action on Xbox. This article looks into whether it’s possible for Xbox players to do the same kind of role-playing as computer players in GTA 5 and discusses what might happen in the future for console gaming.

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Can You Play GTA RP on the Console?

Yes, you can play GTA RP on a gaming console, but there are some important differences compared to playing on a computer. The main issue is that popular GTA RP mods like FiveM and RageMP, which enhance the role-playing experience, are not available on consoles. 

This means console players have to stick to United Network servers, which provide a more limited set of role-playing options. Despite these restrictions, there are hopeful signs for the future, indicating that console players might get a more immersive GTA RP experience as new developments unfold.

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Rockstar Games’ Acquisition

On August 11, Rockstar Games shared big news—they acquired, the folks responsible for popular GTA RP mods like FiveM and RedM used on computers. Even though we don’t know all the details yet, this acquisition is a significant deal. It opens up the possibility that these RP mods might be a part of the next version of GTA. 

If this happens, it could mean that console players get to experience the same in-depth role-playing as those playing on computers. Exciting times might be ahead for all GTA players!

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How to Play GTA RP on the Console?

Playing GTA RP on a console involves a series of steps, as it is not an official mode within the game. Console players can access RP through United Network servers, but the process requires some effort:

  • Join the United Network Discord.
  • Read the rules in the “#rules” channel.
  • Navigate to the “#role-assign” channel to select a department and platform.
  • Wait for interview announcements in the ‘#announcements’ channel.
  • If an interview is announced, join the “#Waiting Recruitment” channel to wait for your turn.
  • If selected during the interview, you’ll be invited to the training server to start your role-playing journey.


Although you can play GTA RP on a console, it’s not as fancy as on a computer right now. This is because the cool modifications (mods) that make the role-playing experience awesome on a computer aren’t available on consoles. But, rockstar games bought, the team behind these mods. 

This could mean that in the next GTA game, console players might get the same awesome mods. So, the future looks bright for console players who want a more fun and immersive role-playing experience, just like what PC players have been enjoying for years.



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