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How To Set Home Xbox?

The Xbox is a gaming device that allows you to enjoy video game experiences. If you have a new Xbox Series and can’t play the games you downloaded, no worries! The solution is to set up a home Xbox. When the Xbox Series launched, Xbox Live had some issues, which made it a bit tricky for users with new consoles. Your console might not let you play downloaded games offline by default. This article gives the simple steps of how to set up home Xbox:

Access Xbox Guide

Firstly, locate and click on your profile picture in the upper-left corner of your Xbox home screen, or press the ‘Xbox’ button on your controller.

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Go to System Settings

Select the ‘System’ option, represented by a cog-shaped icon, from the row of icons at the top of the menu.

Access Settings

Within the “System” menu, choose “Settings” to proceed.

Select Personalization

Scroll down to find and select the “Personalization” option.

Set My Home Xbox

Under “Personalization,” select ‘My home Xbox.’

Make it Your Home Xbox

Click on ‘Make this my home Xbox’ to establish your Xbox as the designated home console. This is how to set home Xbox without any problem. 

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Benefits of Setting Home Xbox

  • Game Sharing – Your friends or family using the same console can access your digital-only games without needing to sign in to your account.
  • Access to Xbox Live Gold – Anyone using the console will have access to Xbox Live Gold benefits associated with the main account.
  • No Password Sharing- Setting your Xbox as the home console eliminates the need to share passwords or give access to your profile.

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You can change your home Xbox up to five times within a one-year period, which offers flexibility in case your gaming setup changes. If you ever find these steps confusing, you will ask for help in the comments section without any hesitation.



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