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How to Speed Up Xbox One? – All Possible Ways

There is no doubt that speed is everything in the thrilling realm of gaming. But what happens when your trusty Xbox One starts to lag? Then, you need to know how to speed up Xbox One. what’s what we will discuss in today’s article from clearing the cobwebs in your cache to optimizing storage. If you also facing this problem, keep reading this article. 

1- Clear Cache

When your Xbox One’s cache has messed up, then consider that gets filled up and needs a clean-out now and then. Simply, you need to turn off your console, unplug it for about 10 seconds, then plug it back in. It works to give your Xbox One a refreshing rest, so it’s all ready to go at full speed when you turn it back on for gaming.

2- Tidy Up Game Library

Notably, if you have lots of games of course it is fun, but it can slow down your console. Take a minute to remove the ones you don’t play anymore. Then, Just go to “My games & apps,” choose the game you want to remove, and click uninstall. It’s like tidying up your Xbox One and playing only the games that make you happy. 

3- Optimize Storage

Keep in mind that your Xbox One’s inside storage has limits. Help it out by moving games and apps to an external storage device. Just plug in your external storage, go to “My games & apps,” pick the game or app, and click “Move all.” It’s like taking some weight off your console by transferring extra stuff elsewhere. That’s how to speed up Xbox One easily, if it still does not work properly follow the next procedures too. 

4- Keep Update

Just like any relationship, your Xbox One needs regular attention to stay in top shape. Microsoft sends out updates that include performance boosts and bug fixes. Don’t forget to check for updates by going to “Settings” > “System” > “Updates & downloads.” Notably, it will give your Xbox One a little spa day to keep it feeling fresh and fabulous.

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5- Wired Connections 

Remember that if slow internet is ruining your gaming fun, try using an Ethernet cable instead. You need to only plug one end into your Xbox One and the other into your router or modem. You will find it converting from a slow bike to a fast sports car—your gaming will get a lot faster and smoother.

6- Factory Reset

If your Xbox is still slow after trying everything, you might want to do a factory reset. This means your Xbox will go back to how it was when you first got it, getting rid of any problems with the software. Remember to save your games and settings before you do it, so you don’t lose anything important.

7- External Storage Firmware

Notably, for added extra storage to your Xbox One with an external device, make sure it’s up to date. Sometimes, the people who made it release updates to make it work better with your console. Keeping your external storage device updated can help your Xbox run smoother and store more games.

8- Avoid Overheating

Usually, Overheating can cause your Xbox One to throttle performance to prevent damage. Make sure that the console is placed in a well-ventilated area and that its vents are free from dust and debris. Furthermore, consider using it on a cooling stand or fan to help dissipate heat more effectively.

Bottom Line

I hope through these simple and powerful tips, you know now how to speed up your Xbox One. After doing these essential steps anyone feels like breathing new life into their Xbox One, ensuring smoother gameplay and endless entertainment!

Kiran Yahya
Kiran Yahya
Kiran Yahya is a professional technical writer with 4+ years of experience. Her expertise include writing detailed, unbiased reviews on tech products and tools, along with covering trending news on relevant topics.


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