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How to Use Mic on PS5 Controller? 

The PlayStation 5 (PS5) has revolutionized gaming with its powerful hardware and innovative features. Notably, one such feature is the built-in microphone on the PS5 controller, which allows gamers to communicate with friends and teammates during multiplayer sessions seamlessly. That’s exactly what we will learn in today’s article. So, keep reading this article, if you are also keen to find out How to use a mic on PS5 Controller. Let’s start reading! 

Step 1- Check Your Equipment

Before learning how to use the mic on the PS5 controller, make sure you have a compatible headset with a microphone. Most gaming headsets come with a built-in microphone that can be easily connected to the PS5 controller.

Step 2: Connect Your Headset

Locate the 3.5mm audio jack on the bottom of the controller to connect your headset to the PS5 controller. Now, insert the audio jack of your headset into this port until you hear a click, indicating it’s securely connected.

How to Use Mic on Ps5 Controller? 

Step 3- Adjust Your Settings

Notably, once your headset is connected, turn on your PS5 console and log in to your account. Then, go to the Settings menu by pressing the PlayStation button on your controller and selecting the gear icon.

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Step 4- Access Audio Settings

Afterward, select “Sound” and then choose “Microphone” in the settings menu. Here, you can adjust various microphone settings such as volume and microphone monitoring according to your preferences.

Step 5- Test Your Microphone

To ensure your microphone is working correctly, you can perform a quick test. Go to the “Sound” settings and select “Test Microphone.” Speak into the microphone, and you should see the input levels displayed on the screen.

Step 6- Join Party or Game Chat

Now that your microphone is set up, you can join a party or game chat. Simply start or join a party/game session, and your microphone will automatically be activated. You can communicate with other players by speaking into your headset’s microphone.

Step 7- Manage Microphone Settings

During gameplay, you may need to adjust your microphone settings further. Many games have their audio settings where you can adjust microphone volume, mute options, and other related settings.


Now, you can use a microphone with your PS5 controller which is a straightforward process that enhances your gaming experience by enabling communication with friends and teammates. you may know now how to use Mic on the Ps5 Controller by following these simple steps. So, get ready, grab your controller, and try it. 

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