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Samsung MX T40 Review

Sometimes while scrolling the internet we come up with many great audio systems with headings like it will amplify your audio requirement, give charm to your living room, and have a cinema-like feel on a budget. And that’s the moment when you unknowingly burn your money on something unworthy and incompatible.

So, if you are looking for a good sound system for your home, then the Samsung MX T40 with its bass booster, slim, sleek, and modern design, built-in LED lights, and multiple connectivity options might be your choice. But before making up your mind you must know that although, it is a competitive model in the market this device has no mic connectivity and is not a good partner for your television and live streams.

Apart from this, it is indeed an ideal deal. So forth if you want to know more about the Samsung MX T40 audio system, and wish for an honest review then we’ve covered you up. All you need to do is to keep scrolling the article. 

Samsung MX T40 Review


The Samsung MX-T40 audio system is popular for its its incredible and awesome sound quality, the device is designed with a 2.0 channel setup to spice up your sound game. The device offers you multiple connecting options from its Bluetooth connection to enjoy wireless connection to its AUX and USB input ports from where you can connect any device and enjoy its HD sound. 

A cherry on top of all these features is its sleek and modern look which can elevate the class of your living area. Whether you are hosting a party or vibing at home alone, its impressive sound quality will surely enhance your audio experience. 


Whether you are willing to buy a device or not, this decision is made upon the specs, pros and cons of the device. So here we’ve covered you up with all the necessary information you might need to know about Samsung MX T40. 

Depth26.8 cm
Height53.0 cm
Width29.1 cm
Weight6.8 kg
Auto sound calibrationNo 
Auto power linkNo 
Optical InputNo
Energy starYes 
Wall mountNo
Amplification typeActive
Connectivity technologyWirelessWired 
Crossover channel2-way channel
Output power300 watts
Standby power0.5 watts
Operating power35 watts
Connectivity types4 pin USB-AMini-phone stereo 3.5 mm2 RCA in & 2 RCA out
Driver details 2 tweeter drivers (2.5”)2 woofer drivers (4”)
Speaker detailsStereo with 150 watts
Main featureWireless party chain
Light Multicolor LED 
Media content sourceUSB-host
ProtectionSplash proof
Amplifier Integrated 
App controllerYes
Audio FormatWAV, WMA, AAC, MP3, FLAC
Bluetooth Audio CodecaptX
Connection optionBi-amping 
Continues power300 watts
Sound effectBass boostDJ effect

The sound bar comes with a two-channel setup, which means you have a choice to listen to the audio of your choice. 

The slim, modern, and sleek design of this model will add an extra charm to your home at a budget price. 

The soundbar only requires 300 watts of energy for startup, which is comparatively very low to its competitor audio bars in the market. 

The Samsung MX T40 is designed with multiple connectivity options for the ease of the user. You can either connect it through Bluetooth or the AUX and USB port on the soundbar. 

The size of the device is also very portable, making it easier to settle anywhere around the clock. 

Samsung MX T40 Review

The device also comes with a remote making it more compact and user-friendly. Hence, you can easily adjust the sound while sitting on your sofa. 

Even though its wide sound coverage and bass booster have covered you up, you can also connect multiple sound systems to endorse your sound experience. 

They also come with build in LED light display which dances with the beat of the sound. 


  • Multiple connections: According to Samsung’s official website, you can easily connect multiple devices with the speakers simultaneously. But the limit of connections is still only 2. However, you can switch between devices to enjoy music conveniently.
  • Bass booster & DJ effect: Two of the main highlights of these speakers are the bass booster and DJ effect feature. The bass booster amplifies the low-frequency sound and provides it with some extra energy. On the other hand, the DJ effect can show some DJ skills by helping with smooth transitions and sound mixing.
  • Group Play: Samsung MX T40 comes with an amazing group play feature. This feature allows you to connect your speakers to other speakers around you and play the same music. This feature can make your party nights more fun and energetic.


  • No mic connectivity: The Samsung MX T40 does not have any port or connectivity option for a mic. It is a very disappointing thing for many users as they are unable to input any external sound into the speakers. So, these speakers are not made for recording, delivering speeches, or even karaoke.
  • Not recommended for TV or Streaming: The Samsung MX T40 is a great option for playing at parties or even at home. But if you are planning to connect it to your TV to watch movies and TV shows, it would not be worth it.


Q. Is the Samsung MX T40 portable?

Ans. The Samsung MX T40 speakers are very portable. The designer has made them small and compact for the ease of the users. The speakers have a depth of 26.8 cm, a height of 53.0 cm, and a width of 29.1 cm, which makes it easy to carry and play indoors and outdoors.

Q. Does the Samsung MX T40 contain a battery?

Ans. Yes, the latest version of the Samsung MX T40 comes with a power battery. So, after purchasing it, you do not have to keep it plugged in to play music like the previous variant. The original version of these speakers didn’t have any power battery. For this reason, the company received too many complaints. Therefore, the company decided to release a new version with a power battery included.

Q. When was the Samsung MX T40 launched?

Ans. One of the well-known technology brands, Samsung, released their 2-channel speakers, Samsung MX T40, in the middle of 2021.

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