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Samsung 34-inch SJ55W Review

Are you also bored with the small screen of your computers and TV monitors? Are you looking for something that will elevate the look of your living area and give you the perks of a cinema-like screen on a budget? The Samsung 34-inch SJ55W might hold your eyes with its wide display and sleek look. 

If you are interested in investing some money and getting the feel of an expensive screen at home, then keep on rolling the article. Since it has many details that you may need before buying the Samsung 34-inch SJ55W. 


Samsung 34-inch-SJ55W monitor is rightly the best choice for those buyers looking for a wide and immersive viewing experience. Its big display will surely enhance the clarity and details of your games, movies, and work presentations. 

Samsung 34-inch SJ55W Review

Its 34-inch wide screen facilitates the viewer to comfortably view multiple windows side by side and not lose the detail of any single one of them. Its expansive screen has a standout ratio of 21:9 to ensure a wider field of view. As for the game of quality and resolutions, the Samsung 34-inch SJ55W monitor is also a game stealer here with its crisp and vibrant QHD resolution to ensure the rich colors and sharp clarity of the visuals. 

The monitor comes in a sleek and mesmerizing slim body to enhance the look of your living room. Seamless bezels are there to maximize the screen space and provide a comfortable viewing experience. It also comes with an adjustable and portable stand to balance the size of your monitor according to your preference. 

On top of all, it also offers multiple connectivity options, like HDMI ports, where you can easily connect your devices. Moreover, it also has DisplayPort for smooth connectivity with other compatible devices. 


Before you completely make up your mind, you must go through these specs and the pros and cons of buying a Samsung 34-inch SJ55W, so you won’t regret your decision later. 

Screen size34.1 inches
Display typeVA
Screen typeFlat
Resolution3,440 x 1,440
Aspect ratio 21:9
Static Contrast ratio300:1
Viewing Angle178 degrees (both horizontal and vertical)
Response time4 ms
Color support16.7 M
Pixel density 109 ppi
Wall mount size100 x 100 mm
Windows CertificationWindows 10
3D supportNo
Average Power consumption35 watts
Alternative current frequency50 to 60 hertz
Dimensions32.6, 14.5, 4.2 inches (width, height, depth)
Weight 6.4 kg
Connectivity1 HDMI 1.41 HDMI 2.01 Displayport 1.21 3.5mm Audio out
Main FeaturesPicture-in-PicturePicture-by-PictureEco saving modeEye saving modeFlicker-free techMagicUpscale
Operating temperature10 to 40 degrees Celsius
Operating Humidity10 to 80 percent
Additional AccessoriesHDMI cable

The Samsung 34-inch SJ55W monitor comes with a QHD resolution display to provide you with a crisp and vibrant visual and take your visual game to another level. 

It has an ultra-wide display of 21:9, which means you can view multiple windows side by side on your screen and easily perform tasks like editing and designing. 

The Omnitor also comes with multiple connectivity options like an HDMI port and Display port, which means you can connect both your gaming consoles, Blu-ray player, and compatible devices at once. 

The slim and sleek body of the monitor not only gives a classy look to your living room but also enhances the screen size. 

It also has an adjustable stand so that you can easily customize your viewing angle to your preference. 

The monitor doesn’t come with speakers, so not for those looking for a cinema-like vibe at home. 

The vertical port design might look captivating but when it comes to unplugging and unplugging it might be painful and breathtaking

However, in this budget, this is surely one of the best monitors so far. 

Samsung 34-inch SJ55W Review


  • AMD FreeSync: Samsung SJ55W comes with AMD FreeSync technology. So, if you have a graphic card that supports FreeSync, this is one of the best options for you. This will reduce screen lag and stuttering, resulting in a better overall gaming experience.
  • Big screen space (87.5%): This monitor offers a large screen space of 87.5%. This is a great screen size to enjoy your games and movies as a very small portion of the monitor is covered with content. In addition, you will also get picture-in-picture and picture-by-picture features in this ultrawide monitor. 
  • Value for money: The Samsung SJ55W is the best value-for-money gaming monitor in this range. It comes with an ultra-wide screen, low response time, and many other features that make it stand out in this price range.


  • Low Refresh Rate: The refresh rate of the Samsung SJ55W is 75 Hz. This refresh rate is perfect for everyday use. However, since this is a gaming monitor, the 75Hz refresh rate isn’t good enough for high-level gaming. 


Q. Samsung SJ55W 4k?

Ans. Samsung SJ55W has a screen resolution of 3440×1440 pixels. So it is not 4k, but it supports Ultra-wide Quad HD resolution. Its screen also supports 4 ms response speed, 75-hertz refresh rate, split screen, and many more.

Q. Is the Samsung SJ55W good for gaming?

Ans. Samsung SJ55W has a refresh rate of 75-herts. The minimum requirement for gaming is 60 hertz. Therefore, the Samsung is okay for mid-level gaming with a 34-inch widescreen. However, if you are planning to play high-level or competitive games, then you should go for 144 hertz.

Q. When was the Samsung 34-inch SJ55W released?

Ans. This ultrawide monitor was released in October 2018. It was one of the best gaming monitors of its time. The Samsung 34-inch SJ55W has a high resolution of 3440 x 1440 pixels, a 75-hertz refresh rate, a response time of 4 ms, and flicker-free technology.

Q. Does the Samsung SJ55W come with built-in speakers?

Ans. No, there is not any built-in speaker in the Samsung SJ55W. Moreover, Samsung does not provide any speakers in the package. So, you have to buy some suitable speakers yourself. However, if you are buying it for gaming only, then you can simply go for wireless headphones.

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