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Sony MDR ZX110 Review – All You Must Know Before Purchase 

Sony is a big name in audio, known for making great products that lots of people buy. Today, we’re reviewing the Sony MDR ZX110 headphones. Sony is one of the best at selling headphones in India, thanks to their wide range of prices, from Rs. 590 to Rs. 41,990.

The MDR-ZX110 is one of Sony’s most popular on-ear headphones, priced at just Rs. 990. It’s a favorite among buyers, offering Sony’s great design and quality.

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Sony MDR ZX110 Review - Cheap and Great Opportunity

Can Sony deliver exceptional performance within such an affordable budget? Our review will unveil the answer. Therefore, stay with me to provide you with the accurate Sony MDR ZX110 review. It’s time to start reading! 

Specification Sony MDR-ZX110
Driver Size30mm
Frequency Response12Hz – 22,000Hz
Impedance24 ohms
Sensitivity98 dB/mW
Cable Length1.2 meters
Foldable DesignYes
Weight120 grams (without cable)
Connector3.5mm stereo mini plug
In-line MicrophoneNo
Noise IsolationNo
Colors AvailableBlack, White
Headphone TypeOn-ear

Build of Sony MDR ZX110 

The Sony MDR ZX110 review information may be lucrative for you. Its headphones boast an incredibly lightweight design thanks to their all-plastic construction which makes them virtually unnoticeable during extended wear. However, you might experience some minor discomfort after around 2-2.5 hours of use. Additionally, the plastic sliders and hinges can be prone to producing a creaking noise necessitating careful handling to prevent breakage. These headphones feature a high-quality, thick, and durable 3.5 mm audio jack cable on the bright side.

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The Sony MDRZX110 headphones are exceptionally lightweight with its entirely plastic build which weighs in at just 4.23 oz. You may encounter slight discomfort by wearing them and feel nearly weightless though after a couple of hours. It’s worth noting that the plastic sliders and hinges can emit creaking noises emphasizing the importance of gentle handling. The headphones come with a sturdy and durable 3.5 mm audio cable on a positive note which is rare to find in budget headphones. Additionally, their foldable design enhances portability and space-saving.

Sony MDR ZX110 Review - Cheap and Great Opportunity

The Sony MDRZX110 headphones excel in their lightweight design which weighs a mere 4.23 oz due to their plastic construction. Although they provide comfort for extended periods some slight discomfort may emerge after 2-2.5 hours. The plastic sliders and hinges can be a bit fragile and prone to creaking, and warranting careful use. What sets these headphones apart is their top-notch, thick, and durable 3.5 mm audio cable.  Furthermore, their foldable design adds to their convenience which makes them easy to transport and store. Additionally, they offer a quality audio experience that’s equipped with a 30 mm driver and effective noise-blocking ear cups. 

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Performance of Sony MDR ZX110 

I really like this headphone because of its performance. I thought that you also should know about it. The Sony MDR-ZX110 review delivers an immersive bass-oriented audio experience that caters to the preferences of many music enthusiasts featuring a wide frequency response ranging from 12 to 22000 kHz. It’s available in three distinct models which include options for noise cancellation and a built-in microphone that offers remarkable versatility at an exceptionally affordable price point. 

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As for audio quality, the Sony MDR-ZX110 review gives the fact that it leans towards a bass-heavy and vibrant sound profile accompanied by a darker treble and high-end tone. While it’s true that this may not appeal to audiophiles seeking a balanced sound it remains an excellent choice for those who prioritize bass-driven music experiences over high-frequency nuances. Moreover, its price changes with the aspect of time and it has various color models. 

Sony MDR ZX110 Review - Cheap and Great Opportunity

Now if we contrast it to the wireless Sony WH-1000XM3 then the MDR-ZX110 is a wired option. However, the inclusion of Flat-Y Cables ensures minimal tangling, and its robust build makes it a reliable choice. Both the Mpow 059 and Cowin E7 are worthy contenders if you’re in the market for budget-friendly wireless earphones particularly suited for those who use a travel DVD player.

How’s Sony MDR ZX110 For You? 

If you’re on a tight budget of under $20 these headphones are a budget-friendly choice that delivers impressive sound quality. While they may not stand out in terms of looks or features because their durability is somewhat questionable. 

These headphones may not win any design awards, and their features are basic at best. However, their affordability under $20 makes them a sensible choice, especially for their sound quality. Expect a smooth and balanced audio performance that complements various music genres.

For those on a low budget buyer who want under $20, these headphones offer a compelling option primarily due to their sound quality. While their features aren’t remarkable they provide a cost-effective solution for enjoying music. 

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Keep in mind that if you have a modern smartphone you may need to invest in an AUX adapter. Which typically costs around $10 (such as the Samsung or Apple adapter) unless you opt for a Bluetooth adapter which could incur additional costs that might not be worth it. This is a bit of an opinion from me as to whether you should buy it or not.

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