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3 Best Waterproof Headphones For Swimmers

We have compiled the 3 Best Waterproof Headphones for Swimmers so you can amp up your swimming game! Whether you’re chilling in the pool or catching waves, these headphones are the secret sauce for keeping your music game strong and your motivation high. 

Forget worrying about water wrecking the vibe – these headphones bring you a killer mix of waterproof tech and incredible sound. 

Scroll down the article to find out the best 3 waterproof headphones for swimmers and anyone who is looking for quality waterproof headphones. 

1- Shokz OpenSwim Headphones

Best Waterproof Headphones
Product NameShokz OpenSwim (formerly Xtrainerz)
Water ResistanceUp to 2 meters submersion
Ideal UseSwimming, suitable for pool training sessions
Battery LifeUp to 8 hours
Storage Capacity1,200 songs (4GB)
Charging MethodUSB charging cradle with LED indicator (Red – Charging, Blue – Fully Charged)
Additional ItemsSwimming cap, swimming earplugs, neoprene storage bag
Music TransferManual transfer via computer (drag and drop mp3 files)
Control Buttons– Power: Press and hold for 3 seconds
– Mode (M): Switch between repeat/shuffle and general/swimming modes
– Volume (+/-): Adjust volume and skip songs
Comfort and FitDesigned for use with swimming cap and goggles
Secure fit during water activities, including tumble turns
Price£140 / $149
Usage RecommendationIdeal for swimmers seeking high-quality sound and comfort
NoteDry headphones before charging

The Shokz OpenSwim (formerly Xtrainerz) bone conductor headphones are designed for swimming, with the ability to withstand submersion in up to 2 meters of water. They offer up to 8 hours of battery life and can store 1,200 songs, making them suitable for long training sessions in the pool. 

The packaging includes a swimming cap, earplugs, and a neoprene bag. Setting up is straightforward, and while the 4GB storage may seem limited, the sound quality is praised for being crisp and clear. The physical process of downloading songs onto a computer is a bit old school, but organization is possible with folders.

The device has three buttons for power, mode selection, volume control, and skipping songs. The headphones are comfortable in the water, especially when paired with a swimming cap and goggles. 

Despite the higher price tag, they are considered a worthwhile investment for dedicated swimmers, provided they are not needed for taking calls. It’s recommended to dry the headphones before charging.


  • Water-resistant up to 2 meters, suitable for swimming
  • Up to 8 hours of battery life for extended training sessions
  • 1,200 songs storage (4GB) with crisp and clear sound quality
  • Smart packaging includes a swimming cap, earplugs, and a neoprene bag
  • Comfortable design stays secure during water activities
  • Easy setup with straightforward USB charging cradle
  • Manual music transfer allows for the organization of folders
  • Dedicated buttons for power, mode selection, volume control, and song skipping


  • Manual song transfer may be considered old-fashioned
  • Limited storage compared to some competitors
  • Priced at £140 / $149, relatively expensive
  • Not suitable for deep-sea scuba diving
  • Requires drying before charging

2- Jukes Pro Training System

Best Waterproof Headphones
Product NameJukes Pro Training System
PackagingNeat and sturdy case with a blue camouflage print, suitable for easy storage in a swim bag.
InstructionsArrived with no instructions, requiring some time to figure out how to use.
Primary FunctionDesigned for receiving immediate feedback and minute-by-minute instructions from coaches via radio, not meant for listening to music. Requires Jukes radio transmitter and microphone for proper functionality.
Use CasesIdeal for performance swimmers seeking precise coaching feedback. Suitable for open water swimming or swimmers who are hard of hearing. May be considered excessive for those who prefer independent workouts.
Headset WeightHeavier than some other options on the market.
Headset StabilityHeadphones held in place well, suitable for swim workouts.
Volume AdjustmentAdjustable volume feature available for user convenience.
Music PlaybackCapable of playing music, but it needs to be played via the radio.
Additional ConsiderationsMay be viewed as more complex or excessive for individuals who prefer self-directed workouts during public swim sessions.
Special Use CasesParticularly useful for swimmers looking for performance gains, open water swimming, or those with hearing impairments.
Overall ImpressionDespite the potential complexity, the product is considered impressive, especially for dedicated swimmers seeking advanced coaching technology.

The Jukes Pro Training System comes in a sturdy case, suitable for convenient storage in a swim bag. Despite lacking instructions initially, the headphones are designed for receiving coaching feedback rather than music. 

To function properly, they require the additional purchase of a Jukes radio transmitter and microphone. While this may be seen as cumbersome for independent swimmers, it proves valuable for performance swimmers seeking incremental improvements. 

The system is particularly useful for open-water swimming or individuals with hearing impairments. The headset is heavier than some alternatives but securely holds in place, with adjustable volume. Although not universally suitable, the system leaves a positive impression, offering a unique coaching-oriented technology.


  • Provides immediate feedback and minute-by-minute instructions from coaches via radio.
  • Suitable for performance swimmers seeking precise coaching.
  • Ideal for open-water swimming and users with hearing impairments.
  • Adjustable volume for user convenience.
  • Sturdy case for easy storage in a swim bag.


  • Heavier than some competing options.
  • Requires additional purchase of Jukes radio transmitter and microphone.
  • May be viewed as excessive for those who prefer self-directed workouts.

3-Finis Amnis Stream Swim Headphones

Best Waterproof Headphones
Product NameFINIS Amnis Stream Swim Headphones
Included GadgetsTwo goggle clips, charger, mesh carrying bag, three clips for different Apple and Garmin watches.
Wireless ConnectivityBluetooth only. Requires a compatible smartwatch with offline listening capability.
CompatibilityRequires a compatible smartwatch (Apple or Garmin) and swimming with the watch clipped to goggle strap or under the swim cap.
Music TransferNo need for physical drag-and-drop; music transfer without connecting to a computer.
Charging MethodEasy charging by sliding the left headphone onto the charging port.
Attachment to GogglesInitially fiddly but gets easier with practice; recommended to attach to goggles before putting them on.
Bluetooth RangeSmartwatch needs to be within 5cm of the cable for Bluetooth connection to work in water. Wearing the smartwatch on the head is recommended for optimal connectivity.
Watch Strap ConsiderationBest performance achieved by completely removing the watch strap and attaching the watch face to one of the provided clips. Alternatively, wear the watch beneath the swim cap.
Usage PreferencesThe choice between wearing the smartwatch on the head for connectivity or on the wrist for tracking laps and heart rate. Suggested opting for headphones with built-in MP3 for both stats and tunes.
Design and BuildWell-designed, robust build with clear sound quality.
Special FeatureParticularly advantageous for individuals who dislike tracking lengths, offering a game-changing experience.

The FINIS Amnis Stream Swim headphones come with additional gadgets, including goggle clips, a charger, a mesh carrying bag, and clips for Apple and Garmin watches. They exclusively work via Bluetooth, requiring a compatible smartwatch with offline listening capability. 

Charging is convenient, and music transfer doesn’t involve a computer. Attaching the headphones to goggles may be initially fiddly but improves with practice. For Bluetooth to function underwater, the smartwatch must be within 5cm of the cable, often requiring it to be worn on the head. 

Removing the watch strap may be necessary, and the watch can be clipped to goggle straps or placed beneath a swim cap. The headphones offer clear sound and a well-designed, robust build. However, they may not be suitable for those who prefer wearing a smartwatch on the wrist for tracking laps and heart rate.

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Wrapping Up

These high-quality waterproof headphones are changing the way we experience swimming. Whether it’s the Shokz OpenSwim’s ability to work underwater, the Jukes Pro Training System’s coaching features, or the wireless magic of the FINIS Amnis Stream, each one brings a special mix of technology and design. 

Whether you want comfort, precise coaching, or the freedom of wireless connection, these best waterproof headphones are the solution. So, jump in and enjoy the music with every swim stroke, turning your time in the water into a delightful symphony of sound and aquatic joy.



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