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All You Need To Know About the Best Xbox Series X Wall Mount

If you need to make your gaming area look neat, then you’re at the right place. It’s all about leveraging the best Xbox Series X wall mount.  It will not only make your gaming setup look better but also offer practical benefits.

Mounting your Xbox Series X to the wall is simple. Whether you choose a mount that works for any console or one made only for the Xbox Series X, there are lots of options out there to fit your style and budget. All the details you need are given in this article. Let’s start reading! 

Can You Wall-mount the Xbox Series X?

Fortunately, you can hang up your Xbox Series X on the wall, just like other gaming consoles. This gives you more space and keeps your gaming area neat. Moreover, wall-mounted consoles usually stay quieter which is great, especially if you have kids or pets who might bump into them by accident.

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How to Mount Your Xbox Series X to the Wall?

The process of wall-mounting your Xbox Series X follows standard considerations for any console. Firstly, ensure ample clearance and accessibility for cables. Additionally, verify whether your chosen mount supports your desired orientation – horizontal or vertical.

Critical to note is the compatibility between the mount and your specific console model. Since mounts are tailored to fit the Xbox Series X’s dimensions precisely, selecting the appropriate one ensures a secure fit. With dimensions of approximately 5.94″ wide, 11.85″ high, and 5.94″ deep, it’s essential to confirm compatibility before installation.

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Best Xbox Series X Wall Mounts

Now, that you’re ready to mount your Xbox Series X, let’s know about some top contenders:

  • VIVO Wall Mount Bracket
    • Made of sturdy steel for durability.
    • Easy installation with options for vertical or horizontal mounting.
    • Provides excellent ventilation to keep Xbox Series X cool.
  • HIDEit Xbox Series X Wall Mounts
    • Sleek and slim design crafted from heavy-duty steel.
    • Space-saving solution without compromising durability.
    • Simple installation process.
  • Series X FLOATING GRIP Wall Mount
    • Utilizes ropes and grips for a unique aesthetic.
    • Offers ample ventilation to prevent overheating.
    • Minimalist design adds a stylish touch to the gaming space.
  • TotalMount for Xbox Series X
    • Sturdy plastic construction for vertical installation.
    • Claims to enhance WiFi signals.
    • The simple installation process for added convenience.

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Now, you know how to level up your gaming setup with a wall-mounted Xbox Series X. You can achieve a clutter-free and visually appealing gaming space with a range of mounts available to suit every preference. Whether you prioritize durability, ventilation, or aesthetics, there’s a wall mount out there to meet your needs. So, happily organize a gaming area and enjoy it! 

Kiran Yahya
Kiran Yahya
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