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How To Change Brightness On PS5?

The new PS5 offers various features that let players personalize their gaming experience. One of these options lets you change the brightness settings on the console for the best visual quality. This article will guide you through the steps to adjust the brightness on the PS5, ensuring you get the most out of this feature and enjoy video games with a clear and vibrant image like:

  • Turn on the console and connect it to your TV/monitor.
  • Press the “PS” button on the controller to access the home screen.
  • Navigate to “Settings” > “Screen and Video.”
  • Choose “Brightness” and adjust using the left/right D-pad buttons.
  • Confirm changes by pressing X.

Wait, we have got some more insights for you.

Tips For Ensure The Perfect Brightness

  • Start with default settings.
  • Adjust based on screen size and lighting conditions.
  • Larger screens may need increased brightness; smaller screens, lower.
  • In well-lit rooms, reduce brightness to avoid glare; in darker rooms, increase for better visibility.
  • Some games offer in-game calibration tools for further adjustments.

Ways to Troubleshoot Brightness Issues on PS5

Compared with other gaming consoles, PS stands out for its customizable brightness options, allowing users to enhance visual experiences and reduce eye strain. Xbox lacks adjustable brightness, featuring a fixed default setting, while Nintendo Switch offers some screen customization but lacks a dedicated brightness adjustment option. The troubleshooting of brightness issues on PS5 may involve problems such as overly bright or dark screens, inability to adjust brightness in-game, and changes not saving.

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For these problems, users can manually adjust TV settings, check HDMI cables for damage, and ensure HDR is turned off. It is worth noting that some users have reported issues with changes not saving after exiting a game.

In Short

This guide provides essential steps to help you optimize your PS5 display and fine-tune it for an optimal gaming experience. Brightness on a PS5 is vital for enhancing your gameplay. Adjusting its level allows you to find the perfect balance. All just to ensure an immersive experience in the diverse gaming world. 



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