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An Ultimate Guide To Connect Xbox Controller To Phone

If you’ve ever wished to play games on the go, hooking up your Xbox controller to your phone is like hitting the jackpot. Thanks to cool stuff like Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, you can now stream games straight to your iPhone or Android. We’re here to guide you through the simple steps to supercharge your mobile gaming fun and how to connect the Xbox controller to your phone. Your gaming experience is in good hands with us!

How To Connect Xbox Controller To Phone?

how to connect xbox controller to phone

Here are the steps to follow:

1- Prepare Your Xbox Controller

Grab your Xbox controller and hold down that magical Xbox button until you see a gentle white light start to flash. If it’s just chilling with a steady light, no worries – you might need to break its connection with your console first.

2- Activate Pairing Mode

Now, let’s get that gamepad ready! Hit the Connect button on the top of the controller. You’ll know it’s ready to party when the Xbox button starts flashing faster – that means it’s in pairing mode, ready to connect.

  • For iPhone Users

iPhone in hand? Awesome. Head to Settings, find the Bluetooth section and keep your eyes peeled for the Xbox Wireless Controller under Other Devices. Tap it, and voilà, you’re connected!

  • For Android Users

If you’re team Android, swipe down and grab those notifications and settings. Activate Bluetooth by holding onto that Bluetooth symbol in the settings menu. Hit ‘Scan,’ choose ‘Pair new device,’ and select your Xbox controller from the list. Boom, paired, and ready for action!

Which Xbox Controllers Can Connect?

  • Both Xbox One controllers and the newer Series X gamepads are your gaming buddies here. Just double-check that your controller is Bluetooth-enabled. If it’s an older model, it might lack Bluetooth, and you can spot it by checking for unique features around the Xbox button.
  • Want to be extra sure? Non-Bluetooth models often have a differently colored section around the Xbox button or distinctive features near the bumpers.

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Compatibility Check

Before you start playing games, check if your Xbox controller can do Bluetooth stuff. Most Xbox One controllers should have your back unless you snagged one right at the start of the console hype.

how to connect xbox controller to phone

Connecting your Xbox controller to your phone is super easy, and it opens the door to playing awesome, top-notch games while you’re out and about. So, grab your controller, get ready for some serious gaming action, and take your gaming experience to the next level wherever you go!



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