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Astoria VR Headsets Review

Welcome to the world of virtual reality with the Astoria VR headsets Reviews! If you are curious about stepping into immersive 3D experiences at an affordable price, this article is your guide. We will explore the headset’s design, display clarity, audio capabilities, controls, and overall performance. Whether you are a casual user or eager to explore the VR world, the Astoria VR headsets might be your ticket to a new dimension of entertainment. So, let’s review it. 


CompatibilityFits all smartphones, including iPhones and all modern Androids
Viewing Capability360-degree views
ResolutionUp to 1080p 3D technology (dependent on your phone)
Focal AdjustmentFocal adjuster knob with 20mm focal length adjustment range
Focus CustomizationThe magnetic front plate for adjusting focus
Lens CoatingAn 8-layer nano-coating lens designed for optimal resolution


The Astoria VR headsets is made to be super light. So, it will not feel heavy on your head, even if you wear it for long gaming sessions. It has a smart design, which provides amazing comfort with adjustable straps and soft inside padding. The cool part is that it is easy to wear. So, if you want a VR headsets that feels good on your head and looks cool, the Astoria should be your first choice.


The Astoria VR headsets is like a tiny and awesome movie theater right on your face. The display is very clear. You can see everything in 360 degrees. It will make you feel like you are inside a game or movie. The lenses are special and protect your eyes from the blue light. Moreover, you can even adjust how close or far away things look with a little knob on the side. So, if you are playing games or watching videos, it feels like stepping into a whole new world with this headset.


The Astoria VR headset does not come with built-in earbuds, so the sound depends on your smartphone. If your phone has good audio, you are all good. Additionally, you can also plug in your headphones or earphones using the headphone jack for a more immersive experience.  

The headset does not even have fancy sound controls. So, before jumping into a virtual world or playing a 3D movie, make sure your smartphone or headphones’ audio is up to the mark for the best audio experience with the Astoria VR headset. 


The Astoria VR headset keeps things simple when it comes to controls. It comes with an easy-to-use adjustment knob located on the side of the headset. This knob lets you change the focal distance, which makes it super easy to find the right setting for your eyes. Besides that, it does not have any complicated menus to navigate. 

While it may not have all the features of high-end models, the Astoria still offers user-friendliness. So, whether you are a tech enthusiast or a casual user, the Astoria VR headset keeps things simple and accessible for you.


The Astoria VR headset can easily be used with most Android or iPhone smartphones. It provides a hassle-free experience for anyone looking to explore virtual reality. If your phone falls within the 3.5 to 6-inch display range, it can easily fit into the headset. Furthermore, you do not need to worry about complicated setups or specific requirements. The Astoria VR headset is all about simplicity and broad compatibility and ensures you enjoy virtual reality without any tech-related headaches.


  • Very affordable
  • Compatible with most smartphones
  • Easy to connect and use
  • A wide range of applications
  • Immersive 3D visuals


  • Not a high-end device
  • Not very realistic visuals
  • Average lens adjustment
  • Limited popular titles available
  • Performance issues during intense usage

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In summary, the Astoria VR headset offers an affordable entry into virtual reality. It provides a comfortable and stylish design with easy smartphone compatibility. Its lightweight build and user-friendly controls make it accessible to every user. This headset has a 360-degree view and a clear display, creating an immersive experience for different applications. Therefore, for an accessible VR introduction, Astoria is a solid choice. Later, if you want more advanced features and realistic visuals, you can consider upgrading.


  1. What is the price of the Astoria VR Headset?

The current price of the Astoria VR headset in 2023 is around 60 US Dollars. However, you can check out the store to know the price in your region and time. 

  1. Which is the best alternative to Astoria VR Headset?

Tzumi Dream Vision Pro VR Headset is the best alternative to the Astoria VR Headset for smartphones in this price range. The main highlight of this headset is its display quality and wide field of view. It also has a built-in microphone and earbuds for an engaging experience.

  1. Does the Astoria VR Headset use Bluetooth?

No, the Astoria VR Headset does not need Bluetooth to connect with the device. The user just has to put their phone inside the headset and begin the VR journey. 



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