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How to Overcome iPhone 15 Overheating Issues?

You might have heard people talking about how their iPhone 15 can get warm. Don’t worry, iPhone 15 overheating issues happen to many. In this guide, we’re going to explain why this warmth occurs and, more importantly, how to make it cooler. 

We’ll also talk about why the phone gets warm and how to fix it with just a few simple steps. There are also many more important things discussed related to this issue.  So, let’s get started and keep your iPhone 15 running comfortably cool with our ultimate guide.

First of all, we will tell you what can be the common causes of overheating issues. Let’s get straight into them.

Common Causes of iPhone 15 Overheating

There are some common causes that might be left unchecked from your side, but actually, they are the reasons behind the overheating issues. So here we have explained them one by one.

Heavy Usage

“Resource-intensive Apps” are like demanding games or video editing apps that need a lot of your phone’s brainpower to work. When you use these apps, your phone has to work extra hard, and that can make it get hot. 

So, if you play a 3D game or edit videos on your iPhone 15, it might warm up because these apps use a lot of its power.

What Do You Do To Overcome iPhone 15 Overheating Issues?

External Factors

When you use your iPhone 15 in places that are very hot or under direct sunlight, it can get too warm and start overheating. The extra heat from the environment combines with your phone’s own heat, and that’s not good for it. 

So, it’s best to keep your iPhone cool in such situations to prevent it from overheating.

Software Issues

When there are too many apps running in the background or when the software on your iPhone 15 isn’t working perfectly, it can make your phone get hot. Background apps are like apps that are still open but not on your screen, and when they’re too active or when there are software problems, they can cause your phone to heat up.

Charging-Related Causes

Overheating happens when you use chargers or cables that aren’t very good or are broken. They can make your phone get too hot when you’re charging it.

Additionally, if you overcharge your device, it may also cause overheating. It’s like leaving your phone plugged in even after it’s ultimately charged. This can also make your iPhone 15 get too warm because it’s not supposed to keep charging when it’s full. So, it’s best to unplug it when it’s done charging to prevent overheating.

Battery Health

As your phone’s battery gets older, it might not work as well as it used to. This can make it create more heat while it’s working, and that’s not good.

If your battery is physically broken or damaged, it can be dangerous. It might not only overheat but also cause safety problems. So, a damaged battery can make your phone get too hot and be risky to use.


When you’re using many apps at the same time or doing lots of things on your phone all at once, it’s like giving your phone too much work to do. 

This extra work can make the “brain” of your phone, called the processor, work really hard, and that can make your phone get hot. So, running too many things at once can cause your phone to overheat.

Signs of iPhone 15 Overheating Issues

Overheating can be detected in the following ways. So keep a check on the following signs to make your device free from overheating issues.

Hot Body

If your phone feels really, really warm or even hot when you touch it, that’s a sign it might be overheating.

Battery Temperature

Some phones let you check how hot the battery is in the settings. If it’s too high, it means your phone is getting too hot.

Warning Messages

Sometimes, the phone’s operating system (iOS) might show you a message on the screen, like a pop-up warning, telling you that your phone is too hot.

Reduced Performance

When your phone is overheating, it might work slower than usual. Apps might take longer to open, and the phone might not respond as quickly. This is because the phone is trying to cool down to protect itself.

Apple’s Official Response Over Overheating Issues

Apple has taken action to fix the overheating problem with your iPhone.

1- Apple Acknowledgment

Apple has told us that the problem with the iPhone overheating isn’t because there’s something physically wrong with the phone itself, like the outside material. They’ve explained that the issue is more like a software problem, which means it’s related to the way the phone’s computer programs work. 

Some people thought it might be because of the fancy platinum material on the outside of the phone, but Apple says that’s not the cause. They’ve made it clear that the overheating is due to issues with the software, like mistakes or glitches in the phone’s programs.

2- Install iOS 17.0.3 on your Device

To solve the problem of your iPhone 15 getting too hot, what you should do is update the software on your phone to the newest version, which is iOS 17.0.3. Think of this update as a digital ‘fix’ or ‘repair.’

 It’s similar to updating an app to make it work better or fixing a small hole in your clothes. This update is like giving your phone a special digital tool that helps it work better and not get too hot. So, by installing this update, you’re helping your phone stay cool and run smoothly.

3- Expected Fixes

Apple also said that some other apps, like Instagram and Uber, might be making your phone hot. But don’t worry, they’re working on fixes to make sure these apps won’t make your phone overheat in the future. These fixes will help your phone work better and not get too hot.

When you put in this update, it’s meant to make your phone stop getting too hot. It’s like taking your phone to a computer doctor. The doctor checks it, figures out why it’s overheating, and gives it some “medicine” to cool it down

How Can You Instantly Fix iPhone 15 Overheating Issues?

If your iPhone 15 is overheating, take these immediate steps to get rid of the issue.

  • Close Background Apps

It’s a good idea to manually close any apps that are running in the background. This way, your phone won’t have to work as hard.

  • Reduce Usage Intensity

When your phone is hot, it’s best to avoid doing things that need a lot of power, like playing games or watching videos.

  • Check Battery Health

You can check how well your battery is doing in your phone’s settings. If it’s not in good shape, you might need to get a new one.

  • Safe Charging Practices

When you charge your phone, it’s best to use chargers and cables made by Apple. Also, unplug your phone when it’s fully charged, and don’t leave it plugged in for too long.

  • Monitor Temperature

Keep an eye on how hot your phone feels. If it gets really, really hot, take action to cool it down.

  • Remove from Direct Heat Sources

Don’t use your phone in very sunny places or near things that give off heat. This can make it get even hotter.

Still, Overheating Persisits? Follow These Tips

When you have followed all the above steps but are unable to cope with the overheating issue, then it must be a troublesome situation for you. Worry not; we are going to provide you with some additional tips that will surely help you resolve your issue.

Quickly Consult Apple Support

If you’re having trouble with your iPhone 15 overheating and the solutions we talked about earlier don’t work, it’s a good idea to contact Apple Support. They’re like the experts who can help you. You can either call them or visit an Apple Store or an authorized place that fixes iPhones.

Reach Out To Authorized Service Providers

These are places that are officially approved by Apple to fix their devices. If your phone has a problem, you can take it to one of these places to get it fixed properly.

Warranty and Coverage Considerations

 If your iPhone is still under warranty (a kind of protection plan from Apple), they might be able to fix it for free or at a reduced cost. So, you should think about whether your phone is covered by this warranty before you pay for any repairs.

Wrapping Up

The iPhone 15 is really popular, and many people want it, but some are worried about it getting too hot. We talked about this problem in our article. The good news is that this overheating isn’t a big problem for everyone. 

If it does happen to you, we have some smart solutions in our guide. So, don’t worry too much about buying this amazing device; it’s still a great choice for most people.

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