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Best ARTISAN Mousepad

Are you also worried about the itching wrist and rashes on your arms while using the computer? Are you looking for a smooth surface to support your peripherals and improve the overall control and gliding speed of your mouse so you can easily complete your work? For this, buying a good quality Mouse Pad is the right option. But are you confused about what brand to choose?

Then, congratulations. ARTISAN, a Japanese brand has some great mousepad designs for you. The company is known for its comfortable stitching and ideal surface texture, a dream of every mousepad user. Hence, without wasting any further time let’s have a glimpse of the enlisted products. 


This design is aimed at maintaining a balance between the control and speed of the mouse. It is made with polyester fabric making it extremely smooth with ideal consistent stitching. A drawback of this mousepad is it doesn’t secure a strong grip and you may need to readjust your pad while playing games. However, looking on the bright side, the edges are stitched downwards.

Best ARTISAN Mousepad

This means you won’t get rashes while gliding your hand on the surface. It is an ideal deal for shooters since the surface can sharpen your control and stopping power. Nevertheless, another issue is that the edges might sometimes trap dust and hairs in them. Its design is flawless within a budget price.

Weight 0.86 pounds0.86 pounds0.86 pounds0.86 pounds
Length 24 cm31 cm42 cm49 cm
Width 21 cm24 cm33 cm42 cm
Color Black BlackBlackBlack
Material Fabric FabricFabricFabric
Stitched edgesYes Yes Yes Yes 


  • Consistent
  • Great control
  • Best edge stitching 


  • Not grippy back
  • Texture ruins overtime
  • A bit slow

ARTISAN Hayate Kou

The fabric really has smooth and clean stitching and non-fray edges. Although the surface seems a little rough at first it becomes smoother with time. The rubber base of the pad sticks easily to any surface and leaves no crumbs while gliding your mouse on it. The surface is smooth while gliding the mouse, but it produces a little friction when you press the mouse buttons to enhance the stopping power.

Best ARTISAN Mousepad

In general, it is faster than the cloth pads but a little less speedy than the hard surface. It is good if you are looking for comfort over speed. However, the only drawback is the pad glides quicker and smoother on the vertical axis rather than the horizontal axis. And the horizontal axis needs a little acceleration. 

Weight 1.05 pounds
Length 19.3 inches
Width 16.5 inches
Depth 0.2 inches
Shape Rectangle 
Color Black 
Stitched edgesYes 
Material Fabric 


  • Excellent build quality and stitched edges
  • Great aesthetics
  • Comfortable surface
  • Great speed and control


  • Costly
  • Too fast upward and downward movement

ARTISAN Hayate Otsu

ARTISAN Hayate Otsu is made from polyester and provides an ideal smooth surface and enchanted movement for gamers and graphic designers. It has a sharp yet light sliding surface to ensure fast movement and higher accuracy while using your peripherals.

Best ARTISAN Mousepad

A treat is that it has a sweat-absorbent material so you won’t get annoyed by a sweaty and wet wrist while using your computer. The mouse load has a strong anti-spill grip when it is attached to the surface. Moreover, it also features a spongy intermediate layer to provide cushion to your wrist and prevent it from getting rashes. Further, it has three hardness fabric levels so you can easily choose one according to your requirements. 

Length x13.0 inches17.5 inches25.2 inches
Width x16.5 inches14.0 inches18.1 inches
Depth x0.1 inches0.1 inches0.2 inches
Weight x6.4 ounces7.2 ounces16 ounces
Colors Wine red, Black Wine red, Black Wine red, Black Wine red, Black 
Stitched edgesYes Yes Yes Yes 
Material Fabric Fabric Fabric Fabric 


  • Comfortable
  • Grippy
  • Amazing material and stitched edges
  • Different color options
  • The same speed in the X and Y axis
  • Good control


  • Expensive 
  • Produce noise while dragging
  • Feels a bit rough


The key feature of this mousepad is its hybrid surface. This gives you an even platform to glide your mouse on without worrying about any friction or resistance. Moreover, the fabric is extremely durable and it will not lose its texture and perfect glide no matter how much you rely on it. However, if you have sensitive skin you may get rashes from its rough textured surface.

But its edge stitching is something to die for. It has absolutely seamless and non-fray edges. Additionally, its rubber base not only sticks onto the surface but acts more like a suction cup. It doesn’t move a centimeter unless it is completely removed from the surface with hands. This feature is both a blessing and a disguise. The mouse pad is a little pricey but with these qualities, it is not a loss deal. 

Length 24 cm31 cm42 cm
Width 21 cm24 cm33 cm
Depth 0.4 cm0.4 cm0.4 cm
Colors Black Wine redBlack Wine redBlack Wine red


  • Easy control
  • Amazing speed
  • Mouse tracking
  • “Online Sports Mousepad”
  • Durable 
  • Well balanced


  • Too much texture
  • Not so smooth and accurate
  • Availability issues
  • Expensive 


Q. Are Artisan mouse pads worth it?

Ans. The Artisan mouse pads are manufactured in Japan and sold all over the world. They have a great reputation in the market. Their mouse pads have amazing control and speed. Moreover, the build, stitching, and comfortability are also on another level

Q. Do Artisan Mousepads wear out?

Ans. No, the Artisan mousepads are very durable and reliable. All the Artisan mousepads come with stitched edges that save the mousepads from wearing out quickly. However, the Artisan company also advises customers to buy a new mousepad after almost 3 years of usage. 

Q. Are Artisan Mousepads affected by humidity?

Ans. There is no effect of any sweat, water, or humidity on the Artisan Mousepads. These mousepads are very durable and stable, providing you with the best gaming control and accuracy. The Artisan mousepads also come with three different hardness levels (Mid, Soft, and XSoft).

Bottom Line

In summary, Artisan offers a range of high-quality mousepads with excellent control, durability, and comfort. While some models may have minor drawbacks, they generally provide a smooth and consistent surface for gaming and work. Artisan mousepads are worth considering for those seeking superior performance and build quality.

Kiran Yahya
Kiran Yahya
Kiran Yahya is a professional technical writer with 4+ years of experience. Her expertise include writing detailed, unbiased reviews on tech products and tools, along with covering trending news on relevant topics.


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