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Best Microphone For Acoustic Guitar

For some people, the acoustic guitar is just a piece of wood with a few holes in it along with some wire string. However, only music lovers know that acoustic guitars also produce dynamic sounds if played harmonically. Moreover, the choice of the right microphone also plays a key role in seizing every ounce of the guitar’s tone. So, here is a list of The Best Microphone For Acoustic Guitar. 

These microphones are popular for their versatility, sound quality, and economic price. Therefore, without wasting any further time, let’s dig into the article to learn more about these amazing Microphones for Acoustic Guitars. 

Royer R-121

The Royer R-121 is surely a must-have microphone to include in your instrument collection. It captures and delivers an excellent sound quality. Whether you are looking for a microphone for recording vocal sessions or going live on stage, it is perfect for all means. 

Which Is The Best Microphone For Acoustic Guitar?

It has a high SPL capability, which means it delivers an optimum sound frequency and pressure ratio. Moreover, it doesn’t have any internal active electronics that can overlap or distort the sound frequency til it reaches its maximum SPL range. The microphone shows equal frequency response from both front and back. Moreover, the frequency response doesn’t fluctuate despite the change in distance. 

Not only this, it also has a very low residue noise. However, its sensitivity is a bit lower than normal and the ribbon element is also a little weak. But apart from this, it is extremely durable, reliable, and versatile. It delivers an up-to-mark sound quality which is a perfect choice for your acoustic guitar performances. 


Mic type Ribbon,Velocity mic Polar pattern Bidirectional 
Audio frequency response range 20 to 20 000 HzSensitivity low
Impedance 300 ohms Max sound pressure levelHigh 
Audio output type XLR audio output (Male)Weight 640 grams 
Length 7 inches Diameter 1.5 inches 
Ribbon 2.5-micron aluminum ribbon Shock mount Yes 
Carrying case Yes Manual Yes 
Material Metal Phantom power No 
Load impedance 1500 ohms Filter None 


  • The audio quality is up to the mark 
  • Very versatile with bidirectional polar pattern
  • Recommended for acoustic guitars 
  • Made in the United States of America
  • Very reliable and durable 
  • Easy to set up and use
  • Light in weight 


  • Not suitable for high-frequency 
  • Does not support phantom power supply
  • The ribbon element is weak

Sennheiser MD 421 II

The versatility of this microphone has earned it a good name in the market. With its full-bodied cardioid pattern and five-position bass control, it is the best choice for recording instruments such as guitars, pianos, or drums. Not only this, but it is also a good option for a group of vocalists or radio broadcast announcers as it delivers exceptionally clear and crisp audio. 

Which Is The Best Microphone For Acoustic Guitar?

Its glass composite body and stainless steel basket coverage make it classy and durable at the same time. It delivers a clear sound response with an amazing frequency range between 30 Hz to 17KHz. Moreover, its internal bass tubes are also capable of capturing and delivering low-end sound response. It can also handle high-pitched audio seamlessly.


Mic type Dynamic micPolar pattern Cardioid 
Audio frequency response range30 to 17 000 HzSensitivity 2 mV/Pa
Impedance 200 ohms Weight 390 grams 
Length 22 cm Width 5 cm 
Height 5 cm Color Black 
Audio output type XLR 3-pin (Male and Female)Pop filter yes
Sensitivity switching 5 position switchingMic clip Yes 
Load impedance1000 ohmsBoom arm type Telescoping 
Protection pouch Yes Stand Yes 
Color Black Material Steel 
Cable length 10 inches Plating Silver 


  • The audio quality is impressive 
  • Very easy to set up and use
  • Very versatile 
  • Average price 
  • Good for acoustic guitars 
  • Comes with a five-position bass roll-off switch 
  • High Max SPL
  • Made with steel
  • Longlasting product
  • Used by many musicians for a long time


  • No phantom power supply
  • Low output level due to dynamic type

Neumann U87

The Neumann U87 is just a modern version of the classic microphones. It is a standard large diaphragm mic that was used in world-class recording sessions by the late 80’s. With three selectable polar patterns (cardioid, omnidirectional, and figure-8), plus a switchable highpass filter and 10dB pre-attenuation pad, this mic ushered in a new era of audio fidelity and reliability. 

Which Is The Best Microphone For Acoustic Guitar?

The mic is incredibly versatile and perfect for a wide range of recording techniques as well. It is ideal as a main or support microphone during all recording sessions. The microphone features a frequency gradient transducer and a low-frequency roll-off for a clearer and improved sound experience. 

It runs on a classic 48-volt phantom power. Although the microphone is a statement piece and a to-go choice for most music producers and vocal artists, it lacks some advanced features. It is a bit more costly than other acoustic guitar microphones in the market. However, its amazing sound quality makes it ideal choice.  


Mic type Condenser mic Transducer Pressure-gradient 
Polar pattern Cardioid,Omnidirectional,Figure-8 Audio frequency response range 20 to 20 000 Hz
Sensitivity 20 mV/PaImpedance 200 ohms 
Maximum Sound Pressure Level 117 dBTerminal Harmonic Distortion 0.5 percent 
Signal-to-noise ratio 74 dBSelf-noise 10 dBA
Dynamic range 130 dBAudio output type3-pin XLR audio output 
Phantom power Yes (48 volts)Diameter 5.5 cm 
Length 20 cm Weight 500 grams 
Shock mount Yes Protective case Yes (wooden box)


  • Great accuracy and clear audio 
  • Very versatile 
  • Comes with an internal high-pass filter 
  • Handmade product from Germany
  • Very durable
  • Amazing audio frequency response 
  • Recommended by many musicians and producers 
  • Good choice for acoustic guitars
  • phantom power supply


  • Heavier than other mics
  • Not good at low-frequency 
  • No remote control

Beyerdynamic M160

This microphone is recommended by all music professionals for recording a vast variety of acoustic string sounds. This amazing mic even captures acoustic tunes which are hard to record via a normal microphone. It is also a good option for discreet places such as offices and studios. It features two ribbons with a thickness of 0.002 millimeters. 

It delivers a transparent, solid, clear, and well-defined sound quality. Its hypercardioid design can isolate all the off-axis sounds and just focus on the main sound stream. It features a black and chromium-plated body to avoid glare from the studio broadcasting lights. Moreover, you’ll also receive a mic case and clip along with Beyerdynamic M160 in the box. However, the mic doesn’t perform very well at low frequencies. 

Music enthusiasts love it for its clear and natural sound quality, versatility, and hypercardioid polar pattern design. So, if you have a few extra dollars in your pocket, then you must invest in Beyerdynamic M160 for once. 


Mic type Double-ribbon micPolar patternHypercardioid 
Audio frequency response range 40 to 18 000 HzSensitivity 1 mV/Pa
Impedance 200 ohmsLoad impedance 1000 ohms 
Max sound pressure level130 dB signal-to-noisese ratio 54 dB
Noise level 24 dBDynamic range 106 dB
Audio output type XLR 3-pinLength 15 cm
Diameter 4 cmWeight 160 grams
Mic clipYes Carrying pouchYes 
Manual Yes Windscreen Yes 
Warranty 2 years


  • Natural and clear audio
  • Hypercardioid polar pattern allows to capture voice from all directions 
  • A wide range of audio frequency response range 
  • Very versatile 
  • Recommended for acoustic guitar
  • Strong build with great durability
  • Made in Germany


  •  Very costly
  • Not so good at high-frequency 
  • No phantom power 

Bottom Line

In a nutshell, when choosing a microphone for your acoustic guitar, there are several great options to consider. The Royer R-121 is versatile and reliable, the Sennheiser MD 421 II offers clear and crisp audio, the Neumann U87 provides precision and fidelity, and the Beyerdynamic M160 excels in capturing natural sound.

However, the right choice depends on your needs and budget. These microphones can surely enhance your acoustic guitar performances, whether you’re a professional musician or an enthusiast. Therefore, consider your specific requirements to find the perfect microphone for your musical journey.

Kiran Yahya
Kiran Yahya
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