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Best Microphone For ASMR

Have you ever listened to a crisp and clear sound on the internet that has caused tingling in your stomach? Whether you are crunching a lays packet or engulfing water, the sound is so deep and satisfying that we take another shot to search for such videos. It is called ASMR. 

Nowadays, ASMR content videos are blooming on the internet, and every other ASMR artist is stuffing their Social media accounts with numerous ASMR videos and gaining vows. Whether you are interested in making such satisfying videos, or you are already a professional ASMR artist, you must be looking for a detail-oriented mic to capture the best and most isolated audio. 

Then, here is a list of the Best Microphone For ASMR. These mics can capture the most subtle voice with deft details while cutting off all the off-axis noises. So, without wasting any other second, let’s dig into the article. 


The Samson Go is known for its portability. It is a perfect choice for recording, podcasting, and web-casting due to its awesome audio quality. The mic also has a to-go clip, that can be easily attached to your laptop or placed next to the PC. 

Choose The Best Microphone For ASMR

Moreover, it also features built-in headphone output so you can listen to things as soon as you record them. It is a plug-and-play option for MAC and PC users. this microphone has both a cardioid and omnidirectional polar pattern. The Samson Go Microphone has a 44.1 KHz recording resolution rate, whereas it 20 Hz to 18KHz frequency response speed. Furthermore, its built-in headphone output requires zero-latency monitoring. Another key factor of this microphone is its compatibility. It is so lightweight that it can easily hang over the laptop screen. 

However, the audio quality is not up to mark and it also lacks background sensitivity choice. Additionally, it also lacks advanced microphone audio features. But this microphone is a convenient, user-friendly option with versatile plug-and-play functionality

Mic type Condenser mic Polar patternCardioid,Omni directional
Audio frequency response range 80 to 18 000 HzBit  depth 16 bit 
Sample rate 44 000 to 48 000 HzConnectivity USB
Compatible Almost all Operating Systems and softwareAudio output type 3.5 mm stereo headphone output 
Clip Yes Length of mic 3 inches 
Width of mic  2 inches Height of mic3 inches
Widht of stand 3 inches Length of stand 3 inches 
Height of stand 6 inches Weight of mic 110 grams 
External power supply NoIncluded USB cable Yes 


  • Compact and lightweight
  • Very portable
  • Offers USB connectivity
  • 2 types of polar pattern 
  • Designed to be used in ASMR
  • Very affordable 
  • Headphone volume can controlled by real-time monitoring 
  • Includes desk stand and clip in the box


  • Sound quality is not up to the mark
  • A lot of background noise due to the sensitivity 
  • No advanced features 
  • The audio pickup range is not enough 
  • Users have to compromise on build quality 

Shure MV88+

The microphone is indeed a hit in the market for its awesome audio result and versatile body design. The stereo condenser microphone is also compatible with Android smartphones making it more feasible for web content creators to improve the voice quality of their content. It can adapt clean and clear signals from any source. 

Choose The Best Microphone For ASMR

Shure MV88+ microphone comes with a tripod, phone clamp, and showe-mounted mic clip in the box. Moreover, its multiple microphone capsule arrangement also facilitates you to identify and set the best recording configuration to have better sound results. It also includes mid-side and figure-8 recording options to lock a variable mono or stereo sound pattern. Its 90-degree hinge makes it more flexible to set it in the right position during the recording sessions. 

Moreover, it has a strong 24-bit or 48KHz digital wired audio connection to transfer the recording straight to your device. However, it is not compatible with some Android models, and its full features cannot be accessed without the mobile app. Apart from this, it is also a bit costly, and you need some extra accessories to get the optimum results. overall, the Shure MV88+ microphone offers a versatile recording experience with high-quality audio capabilities.

Mic type Stereo, Condenser mic Audio frequency response range 20 to 20 000 Hz
Connectivity optionsCardioid, Bidirectional, Stereo Polar pattern Cardioid,Bidirectional, Stereo 
Bit depth 24 bit Sample rate 48 000 Hz
Gain control Adjustable Compatible Almost all devices 
Windscreen Yes Headphone outputYes 
Tripod Yes Companion appYes 
Construction material Metal Diaphragm 11 mm
Pad No Max sound pressure level 120 dB
Sensitivity -37 dBFS/PaCable length 3 meters
Carrying case Yes Filter No 
Height 2 inches Width 2 inches
Length 4 inches Weight 82 grams 


  • The audio quality is very high 
  • Different polar patterns for different situations 
  • Compatible with mobile phones
  • Comes with a companion app
  • Adjustable gain control 
  • The metal body makes it more durable
  • Very portable (small and lightweight)
  • Designed for use in ASMR.


  • The price is a bit higher 
  • Does not support some Android devices 
  • Consumes power from devices 
  • You need extra accessories to use it 
  • Requires App to access all features

Rode NT1

The microphone comes with a set of essential accessories to assist you with the best recording session of your life. It is a cardioid microphone with an ultra-low self-noise to help you capture clear and clear audio without any interference. This mic is surely one of the quietest and most effortless mic in the world. 

Choose The Best Microphone For ASMR

The Rode NT1 carries a shock mount, pop screen, dust cover, and  XLR cable in the box. It features a 1-inch gold plate capsule that is capable of recording any voice between 20Hz to 20KHz. Moreover, its cardioid pattern isolates all the surrounding off-axis noises to give the most clear and vibrant signals. Additionally, thanks to its 137db SPL handling you can also record the loudest audio without any distortion. Its internal shock mount system helps you capture a deep, continuing sound without any interruption from the surroundings. 

However, due to its advanced features, the mic is a bit costly. Moreover, it has no USB port available in it. It also features only one polar pattern, and the shock mount is also not to the point. It also requires only an XLR cable for connection, which makes it a bit inconvenient to use. In general, the Rode NT1 offers outstanding sound quality with valuable accessories included, which makes it a top choice for audio enthusiasts.

Mic type Condenser mic Diaphragm Large 
Transducer principle Pressure gradient Diaphragm size 1 inch
Polar patternCardioid Audio frequency response range 20 to 20 000 Hz
Sensitivity -29 dBSelf-noise   4.5 dBA
Maximum sound pressure level  132 dBOutput impedance 100 ohms 
Signal-to-noise ratio 90 dBANoise level 4.5 dB
Power requirement 24 to 48 volts Phantom power Yes 
Audio output type 3-pin XLR audio output Weight 400 grams 
Length 7 inches Diameter 2 inches 
Shock mountYes Pop filter Yes 
Dust coverYes 


  • The self-noise is very low
  • The audio quality is very high 
  • Cardioid polar pattern 
  • Solid build quality with great durability 
  • Very versatile 
  • Designed for use in ASMR.


  • You need a phantom power to use it
  • Has only one polar pattern 
  • Needs a shock mount for better handling of noise 
  • A bit expensive (justified by its features)
  • No USB port is provided in it 
  • You need to use an XLR cable for connectivity 


It is surely one of the most budget-friendly and high-quality binaural microphones in the market, which is specifically designed for ASMR artists. Its integrated capsules are ideal for recording sensitive and quiet content perfectly and naturally. 

The 3Dio microphone offers the best response in low-mid frequency availability.  Moreover, it features a great built-in quality. It can easily capture both a high-frequency drum sound and a calm and quiet wind noise. The microphone can provide the best results in any environment or occasion. 

However, it is used only by voice artists and ASMR professionals and doesn’t have any other potential buyers. Moreover, it is also a bit overpriced as compared to its features. Additionally, it usually captures most of the irrelevant sound from the surroundings rather than focusing on the mainstream voice. In summary, the 3Dio microphone is a budget-friendly choice for ASMR artists and provides high-quality sound

Mic type Condenser mic Polar pattern Omnidirectional 
Audio frequency response range 20 to 20 000 HzSelf-noise Not mentioned
Maximum Sound pressure level Not mentionedSensitivity -28 dB
Signal-to-noise ratio 80 dBSample rate Not mentioned
Output impedance Not mentionedPhantom powerYes 
Power requirement 48 VAudio output type XLR audio output 
Weight 750 grams Length 10 inches 
Width 7 inches Height 8 inches 
Compatible A lot of devices and softwareWindscreen No 
Companion app No specific app 


  • Designed for use in ASMR.
  • Impressive binaural sound 
  • Makes a 3D audio environment 
  • Easy to set up and use 
  • The built quality is great 


  • Not many use cases (mainly for ASMR)
  • The price is a bit high 
  • requires extra care
  • Captures a lot of external noises
  • Needs phantom power to operate 

Bottom Line

In conclusion, as you explore the world of ASMR microphones, you’ll find a variety of options, each with its own set of advantages and drawbacks. The ultimate choice will depend on your specific needs and budget. Therefore, it’s essential to carefully evaluate the strengths and limitations of each microphone to determine the one that aligns most seamlessly with your recording requirements and personal preferences.

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Kiran Yahya
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