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Find The Best Wireless Microphone For Singing

The biggest headache for vocalists and voice artists nowadays is finding the ideal microphone to deliver a transparent, original, loud, and clear voice to everyone. A microphone that is capable of transmitting every note of your vocals without any interruption. Therefore, here is a list of the best wireless microphones for singing. 

These microphones not only elevate your voice but also free you from the struggle of handling tiresome wires. So, without wasting any further time, let’s dig into the article to lock in an ideal deal for you. 

Shure QLX-D/SM58 Digital Wireless System

The Shure QLX-D system features a perfect midsize for music venues, stage performances, and worship houses. The microphone system promises to give you a clear, vibrant, and worry-free sound experience with its 24-bit digital audio and RF spectrum. As soon as you turn the system on, it immediately finds and connects to the most suitable open frequency available in its range. 

best wireless microphone for singing

Thanks to its interchangeable microphone capsules, the system delivers a well-defined and streamlined audio experience. Moreover, it also features a one-touch sync system for easy operation. Its LED display presents easy-to-navigate controls and menus. Hence, you can easily select and optimize groups, channels, frequency, and battery runtime. It is compatible with Mac, PC, and iOS for remote and compatible operations. 

However, it is sometimes difficult for the users to cooperate and adapt to its advanced features. Moreover, it has to be frequently upgraded for better functionality. Hence, if you have some extra pounds in your pocket and free space at your house, then you must invest in the futuristic model of Shure QLX-D. 

Wireless transmission Digital Operating frequency band Ultra high frequency 
Wireless working range More than 300 feetBit depth 24 bit
Antenna External antennaMic type Dynamic mic
Polar pattern Cardioid Sensitivity -55 dBV/Pa
Impedance 150 ohms Output type 3-pin XLR
Mic clip Yes Storage bag Bag 
Audio frequency range 20 to 20 000 HzPower output 10 mW
Channel 2560 selectable channels Display Backlit LCD


  • Amazing audio quality 
  • Wireless connectivity with digital interface 
  • Very durable build
  • Ultra high-frequency band 
  • Very secure with encryption 
  • Very long battery timing 
  • Long wireless connectivity range


  • The price is higher than usual 
  • A bit difficult to set up 
  • Digital interfaces get crowded due to the environment 
  • Buyers are required to get some licenses 
  • Heavier and bigger 
  • Users might need some time to adjust with advanced features
  • Has to be upgraded constantly


The AKG WMS470 is surely the best wireless microphone for singers due to its easy-to-use interface, flawless and dependable performance, and top-notch sound quality. It is surely a fantastic and high-quality multi-channel wireless microphone system. 

best wireless microphone for singing

You can choose between any available frequency according to your requirements. Its advanced features include an Ultra High-Speed Rechmountable receiver and PT 470 bodypack transmitter. Moreover, it has eight band frequencies, and it can handle 20 simultaneous wireless channels in a single frequency bandwidth. Additionally, its automatic frequency startup has made things more convenient. 

It can locate and connect the most appropriate frequency band around you according to your needs. It can easily cut up to 14 hours on a single charge. Moreover, it also includes a pilot tone mode to isolate all the unnecessary surrounding noises and give you a better audio experience. However, in my opinion, its wireless features need an update. And the interface is also not good for crowded places. But if you are looking for a sustainable and user-friendly wireless microphone with wonderful audio quality, then you’ll never go wrong with the AKG WM470. 

Wireless technology Analog Operating frequency bandUltra high frequency 
Number of channels16 channel Mic type Handheld mic 
Diversity Smart Frequency band 500 to 530 MHz
Bandwidth 30 MHzChannel scanning Auto scan 
Operating range of wireless technology 30 meters Recorder No 
Timecode support No Mobile app Yes 
Audio codecNone Encryption None 
Sound-to-noise ratio 120 dBTerminal Harmonic Distortion Less than 0.3 percent 
Receiver mounting Rackmount Antenna Dual external antennas
Audio channels Single Audio output 3-pin XLR,¼ inches TRS audio out 
Power supplyNone Audio frequency response range32 to 20 000 Hz
Output power 50 mWDisplay Yes 
Display type Backlit LCDLED indicators Yes (Mute and Sync)
Material Metal Length 8 inches 
Width 2 inches Height 7 inches 
Weight 970 grams Mic battery type AA battery (rechargeable)
Battery life 14 hours Color Black 
Polar pattern Supercardioid Mic type Dynamic,Handheld mic 
Length of mic9 inches Weight of mic 250 grams 
Diameter of mic 2 inches


  • The quality of the sound is very good 
  • Multiple frequency bands
  • The operating range is also wide 
  • Comes with an automatic setup
  • Very easy to use 
  • Long battery life of 14 hours 
  • Rack Mountable 


  • A bit expensive 
  • Interface is not good for crowded environments
  • Requires licenses for frequency bands
  • The size and weight are greater 
  • Wireless technology has to be upgraded 

Sennheiser AVX Digital Wireless Microphone System

It is surely the best choice if you want to improve the audio quality of your recorded videos. The Sennheiser wireless system doesn’t need any extensive setup. The mic doesn’t tangle you in the duty of assembling the wires and stands to get a decent sound, it can run by only plugging the receiver into your camera’s XLR audio connection. 

best wireless microphone for singing

It is surely a dynamic range, well-optimized microphone system, hence, it doesn’t need any overload or distortion. Moreover, it doesn’t require any license for operation and handling. This model is extremely lightweight and compact and it follows a very simple interface; you just need to plug and connect to activate it. Furthermore, it includes automatic frequency management to find the most suitable frequency rate while ensuring link protection. 

However, its wireless range is very limited, and it can be interrupted in crowded and noisy places. The microphone system is also a bit more expensive than its competitors in the market. Overall, the AKG WM470 is a dynamic, hassle-free wireless microphone system known for its exceptional range and user-friendly features.

Wireless technology Digital Frequency band Depends on local regulations (1.9 GHz in US)
Microphone options Lavalier, Handheld micAutomatic set up Yes 
Wireless working range 100 meters  Battery type Lithium 
Battery timing 15 hours Latency Low 
Frequency response Wide Plug-and-play Yes 
Mounting options Cameras, Camcorders,Recorders Compatibility Cameras, Camcorders, Recorders 
Audio output XLR audio output,3.5 mm jackAuto-sleep mode Yes 
Remote controls Yes (with app)Power output 250 mW
Mic clip Yes Bag Yes 
Charging dockYes antennaExternal antennas 


  • The system is easy to set up and use 
  • Digital interface 
  • Lithium batteries provide long-lasting battery life 
  • Different types of mics available (lavalier and handheld)
  • Small and lightweight (portable)
  • Compatible with cameras, camcorders, and recorders
  • It can be controlled with the app


  • Very expensive 
  • The wireless operating range is very short 
  • The interface can be interrupted in crowded areas
  • No customization options
  • Battery life can be different around to battery type 

​Behringer XM8500

These dynamic mics are rugged, moisture, and partially water-resistant and provide comparatively better audio than condenser mics. Therefore, they are surely the best choice for on-stage performances. The cardioid pattern can catch and amplify the leading vocals while canceling out all the surrounding noises. 

It includes a two-stage pop filter with an amazing frequency range between 50 Hz to 15KHz. This ultra-wide frequency range provides a dynamic, crisp, clear, and transparent sound during your live on-stage performances. Moreover, it also includes a shock mount system to cut down the handling noise and the wind and pop noise. 

Its extremely high and advanced signal output gives you a noticeable voice cut-through. But, it is not as good and durable as its competitors in the market.


Mic type Dynamic mic Polar pattern Cardioid 
Audio frequency response range 50 to 15 000 HzSensitivity -70 dB
Impedance 150 ohms Audio output 3-pin XLR
Length 7 inches Diameter 2 inches 
Weight 240 grams Material Metal 
Pop filter Yes 


  • Best value for money microphone for singing 
  • Provide great durability with a metal build 
  • Comes with a two-stage pop filter
  • Shock mount handles the noise efficiently 
  • The cardioid polar pattern picks sound from one-directional and reduces background noise 


  • Not as strong as other microphones 
  • Ineffective in handling noises
  • No carrying bag or stand is provided 
  • Needs phantom power 
  • The audio frequency response range is narrower 
  • A bit lower sensitivity 
  • Average sound quality 
  • No on/off button


In summary, choosing the right wireless microphone for singing depends on your budget and what matters most to you, whether it’s excellent sound quality, user-friendliness, or affordability. Keep these factors in mind to find the microphone that suits your needs best.

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