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Donner keyboard review

Are you a beginner or intermediate pianist looking for a budget-friendly keyboard with awesome features? Then this Donner Keyboard Review will surely grab your attention. It has an exceptionally competitive price with extraordinary features that dust off all other keyboards in this price range. 

Its every feature matches the requirements of a high-priced piano. But what about the sound quality? Is sound deliverance something the music lovers are looking for? If you want to know, keep on scrolling the Donner Keyboard Review.


Brand Donner
Model Donner DEP 20 Keyboard
Color Black 
Number of keys88 keys
Number of notesMax 128 notes
Number of tunes 238 tunes
Effects ChorusReverb 
Screen Yes (Backlit LED screen)
Ports 2x USB1x Sustain pedal 1x 3-Pedal Socket1x AUX in and out1x Power sustain pedal
Width 133 cm
Length 29.5 cm
Height 18.5 cm
Weight 11.6 kilograms
Power supply12 Volts Direct Current3 Ampere
Donner keyboard review

Design: The design of Donner-20 has nothing to complain about. It is minimalistic with zero unnecessary clutter. It has a small backlit LCD which tells you about the voice you’ve selected. Moreover, the keys are also ergonomically arranged on the keyboard. However, it is a bit thicker than other piano keyboards in the market. So, you have to put it on a table and play your favorite music. Except this, everything is as perfect as it could be. 

Weight: Unlike its size, Donner is quite lightweight. It weighs around 11.6 kg. This means you can easily carry it around everywhere you go. 

Assembling: Honestly, assembling Donner-20 and other digital pianos is not a difficult task. It doesn’t need any special arrangements. You can simply keep it on a table or X-frame keyboard stand. But if you are choosing a bespoke stand or pedal stand, you may need little assembly. 

Control and buttons: Selecting different options on Donner-20 is quite easy and fun compared to its competitors in the market. It has a clear LCD screen, where you can see the information on sound, beats, and other options playing. 

Pedals: If you’re looking to take your music-making a step further, there is an option to add a three-pedal unit to the Donner DEP-20, which would include sustain, sostenuto, and una corda. Firstly, its sustain pedal is the key feature that receives the most appreciation. Although the sustain pedal doesn’t look great it works seamlessly and perfectly. Unlike most of the keyboards, it has a strong grip over its on and off pedal with a high-quality sustain switch. 

Donner sound: Initially the Donner gives a very plasticity, flay, and dry sound which is not too pleasing. Although it is not suggested for intermediaries, it can be a great choice for beginners because of its affordable price and mesmerizing other features. 

Sound: The sound quality is all the keyboard is hyped about. It delivers an impressively deep sound which we can’t expect from a piano of this price. Its powerful speakers can light up a small room, a bar, or a studio with its strong sound delivery. Moreover, there is also no distortion and crackling in sound even at high-end notes. 

Keyboard and action: Although the action of DOnner-20 is not very flattering it can satisfy its purpose for beginners and intermediaries. Although it is good for playing dynamic and expressive sounds, it can not assist you in producing classical rhythms. Its sound quality and touch control feel good unless you are not an expert. 


  • Best value for money keyboard
  • A lot of features
  • Amazing sound quality
  • Great speakers


  • A low sampling rate of sound
  • Very bulky
  • Annoying lateral movement
  • Poor touch sensitivity

Final Wording

The Donner DEP 20 Keyboard comes with all the features you expect to see in a piano keyboard. More surprisingly, you will also get some out-of-the-box features that are not provided by its competitors in the same price range. But its sound quality is not up to the mark. Although the speakers provide an excellent output experience, the sampling rate is a bit low. 

Overall, if we take a look at this keyboard’s properties, it is the best value-for-money device for beginners. Even some experienced players also use the Donner DEP 20 for practicing.


  1. Does the Donner Keyboard come with a stand?

Yes, you will get a stand along with the Donner Keyboard when you order it online. If you are going to the local shop, you can purchase a stand separately.

  1. Can we record it on the Donner Keyboard?

Yes, the Donner DEP 20 is a digital keyboard. It comes with recording and replaying features. 

  1. What is the compatible size of headphones for the Donner Keyboard?

The customers are recommended to buy headphones with 6.35 mm with the Donner Keyboard.

  1. Is there any key protection case for the Donner keyboard in the package?

No, the Donner DEP 20 Keyboard does not come with any key protection case. You will just get a package box from the manufacturer or the delivery company.

  1. How to transfer sound recordings from the Donner keyboard to the computer?

You can easily transfer recorded sounds from the Donner keyboard to the computers using a USB cable. The Donner has provided 2 USB ports for connectivity. 

  1. What is the price of the Donner keyboard with a stand?

The original price of the Donner DEP 20 keyboard is 534.99 US Dollars. However, if you are buying this with a keyboard stand, then it will cost around 589.99 US Dollars.

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