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How To Add HBO Max To Hulu For Free

Whenever we think about entertainment, there is indeed a sea of options available on the internet. There are numerous streaming platforms available on the internet where you can enjoy your favorite TV shows and movies. 

One such platform is Hulu, which not only facilitates online streams but also supports ad-ons such as HBO. So, here we have a complete guide about what is HBO Max and how you can add HBO Max To Hulu for free and enjoy your favorite HBO programs. 

What are HBO Max and Hulu?

The HBO MAX was launched in May 2020, and it has replaced HBO Go and HBO Now in the market. It provides better access to all the content provided by the HBO channel. Whereas, the previous platforms were limited and had small-scale access which was away from home cable boxes. 

It is an online streaming platform presented by HBO and WarnerMedia. On Max, users can easily watch all the premium HBO movies, TV shows, and other video content. Moreover, it also provides access to other WarnerMedia channels such as Cartoon Network, D.C, WarnerBros, and Adult Swim. It gives you early access to all the theatrical series sponsored by WarnerMedia and  HBO. 

how to adda hbo max to hulu for free

Hulu is an Internet streaming service platform that shows advertiser-supported films and TV shows on the Internet. It allows customers to get access to plenty of other streaming websites as add-ons such as HBO Max. 

Although its association with HBO gives you exclusive access to HBO movies, cartoons, and television shows which are otherwise not available on Hulu. But you need to purchase an HBO Max subscription plan to watch the exclusive content on both HBO and Hulu. 

If you want to know about getting a Free HBO MAx service on Hulu, then keep on scrolling the article. 

What Type of HBO Content is Banned On Hulu?

Although you can easily get access to HBO Max using Hulu, there are still many channels and content genres that you can’t open without subscribing to the HBO Max app. Therefore, Hulu users are also required to download the HBO Max app to get access to this exclusive original video content. The subscription comes with TV everywhere support for numerous apps. Hence, you can easily open Hulu subscription account details using the HBO Max mobile app. 

Moreover, once you’ve signed in to HBO Max on Hulu, you’ll get access to certain TV shows and movies. If you are someone who just wants to enjoy both Hul and HBO content, then installing an external app should not be a problem for you. Further, it also helps you manage two subscriptions within one service. 

How to Add HBO Max to Hulu?

First, you need to check whether your Hulu account supports HBO Max or not. All you have to do is visit the official website of Hulu and sign in to your account. After logging in, you need to go to your account by clicking on the icon in the upper right corner. Then you have to choose “Manage your subscription”. You should check if you have HBO Max in your Hulu subscription.

how to add hbo max to hulu for free

Unfortunately, if you don’t have the HBO Max add-on option or current plan, you can simply upgrade your Hulu subscription. You can check your current plan and upgrade options in the “Manage your subscription” section. Just choose the most suitable plan that includes HBO Max. Additionally, you can also add HBO Max to any plan for $15.99 per month.

When your account is finally upgraded or you’re sure your Hulu account is eligible for HBO Max, you can simply add it to your Hulu. Just follow these straightforward steps to add HBO Max to Hulu.

  • First, you need to go to the official HBO website and log in with your account information or create a new account.
  • Then you have to go to the “Link Provider Account” section.
  • A list of providers will appear, and you have to choose Hulu from there.
  • You will be taken directly to the official website of Hulu.
  • If you’re already signed in to your Hulu account in the browser, a confirmation message will appear.
  • You need to click “Continue”.
  • Hulu and HBO Max will send you an account confirmation message immediately.

And congratulations, your Hulu account is finally connected to HBO Max.

How to add HBO Max to Hulu For Free?

Adding HBO Max to Hulu is completely free. However, you have to pay a monthly subscription fee to continue using it. But today, you will know how to use it for free using the free trial. Although the free trial is only one week long, it will be enough for those who are confused about whether they should buy HBO Max for Hulu.

On the official Hulu website, you have to open the account section. Next, go to “Manage Add-ons”. You’ll find HBO Max in the list. Simply click the “Try for 1 week” button and then the “Review Changes” button. Finally, a one-week free trial will be activated.

Bottom Line

Hopefully, you have completely grasped the process of adding HBO Max to Hulu. Moreover, you can also get a free trial for a whole week. Now, you can watch hundreds of movies and TV shows on HBO Max and decide if you want to continue with them in the future.

Kiran Yahya
Kiran Yahya
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