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TCL QM8 Review

Are you looking for a TV that shows you the best picture quality, supports live streaming through Google, and also supports 4k advanced gaming, then this TCL QM 8 Review is right for you. 

The  QM 8 indeed has all the advanced and high-tech features that are now ruling the tech market. However, the only drawback is its high price. 

But if you don’t mind spending some extra dollars on the quality of the device, then so should check this TCL QM8 review. 


The most highlighted feature of TCL QM8 is its exceptional screen brightness. If your room has ambient lighting, then this TV will surely provide you with the best and most clear and vibrant picture quality. It even highlights the dark movie scenes for a clearer vision. 

Moreover, its association with Google Apps gives you a chance to stream almost anything on your big screen and enjoy it with your friends and family. Additionally, if you are a gaming fan, then its advanced gaming feature will surely bring joy to your face. 

Hence, in every aspect, it is surely better than its competitors, except for the price range. It reviewed honestly it is a bit more expensive than other similar T.Vs in the market. 


Brand TCL
Product TCL QM 8 Mini-LED
Screen type QLED Mini-LED
Refresh rateUp to 144 Hz
Resolution 4k (3840 x 2160 pixels)
HDR supportYes (HDR10+)
Audio support Dolby Atmos
Audio power 40 Watts(2×10 Watts speaker)(1×20 Watts subwoofer)
Smart TVGoogle TV
Ports 4x HDMI ports1x USB
Tuner ATSC 1.0 tuner
Size 65 inches75 inches85 inches98 inches
Weight 50 pounds
Width 56.9 inches
Length 32.6inches
Depth 1.7 inches
WiFi version WiFi 6
Number of buttons one
Closed captions Yes 
Parental control Yes 
JPEG support Yes 
MP3 support Yes 
Sleep timerYes 
Display colorsMore than 1 billion
Remote control Voice control
Warranty 12 months

The larger 98-inch set has two stands of different heights, whereas the smaller 65-inch version comes with a central pedestal-style stand. However, except this, all the other features are mostly the same among all models. 

It has a minimal bezel to maximize the room for the screen. Moreover, beneath the TCL logo, there are physical standby activation and control buttons, in case you lose your remote control. 

It has a variety of ports available on its right side, this includes include Ethernet, coaxial cable and antenna, one USB, A/V in, headset, S/PDIF optical audio out, and the requisite HDMI ports. However, only the power cable port is on the left side to make it easier to locate. 

It is crafted to provide you with the best quality picture. Therefore, its advanced technology features include a mini LED to have more comprehensive control over brightness. Moreover,  its small quantum dots deliver the best contrast and colors and its high-brightness UltraDirect LED backlight is placed to give you a more clear and brighter picture. Additionally, its AIQP Engine Gen 3 is added to improve the picture quality in real-time. 

Unfortunately, the TCL QM8 is not blessed with a high-profile sound system. However, you can attach 1 20 subwoofer or 2 10W speakers to get a good sound experience. Although the sound is not wall-breaking nor gives a cinema-like feel, it is sufficient if you want to enjoy the movie with friends within a room. 

Its HDMI 2.1 port is specifically added to enhance your gaming experience. It features VRR, low latency rate, and 144Hz refresh rate, all together making 4K gaming a lot more fun. Moreover, its amazing gaming features also include adjusting the picture size and splitting the screen. Taking screenshots, adding shadows, and adding crosslines to the center of the screen. 

You can also connect QM8 to mobile devices using Google Cast and AirPlay 2. Besides Google Assistant, the QM8 also supports Amazon Alexa and Apple HomeKit.


65QM850G65 inches
75QM850G75 inches
85QM850G85 inches
98QM850G98 inches


  • Very bright screen (HDR and SDR)
  • Great contrast and color grading
  • No reflection on the screen
  • Low response time
  • Outstanding game mode
  • 4k resolution at 144 Hz
  • Variable Refresh Rate (VRR) feature
  • Budget-friendly 


  • The viewing angle is not okay
  • Poor sharpness for low-resolution content
  • Not so compatible with Nvidia Graphic Cards
  • Can not simultaneously enable game mode and chroma 4:4:4
  • Average sound quality 
  • Not recommended for video perfectionists


  1. Is the TCL QM8’s remote backlit?

Yes, the remote control of TCL QM8 is backlit. It lights up when you pick it up. Moreover, TCL has also provided voice control in this Mini-LED. So, you can enjoy hands-free control without any remote.

  1. What is the number of bits in the 65-inch variant of the TCL QM8?

You will get a 10-bit panel in the 65-inch variant of the TCL QM8.

  1. What is the price of the TCL QM8 Mini-LED?

The price of the TCL QM8 differs according to its size variants. The 65-inch variant is available at a price of 1699 US Dollars. While, you will get the 75-inch, 85-inch, and 98-inch variants for 1799, 2799, and 11999 US Dollars, respectively. 

  1. Is the TCL QM8 compatible with ESPN Plus?

The TCL QM8 is a Google TV. Therefore, you can easily get ESPN from the app store and enjoy its subscriptions as well. 

  1. How many dimming zones are there in the 65-inch variant of the TCL QM8?

The 65-inch variant of TCL QM8 comes with almost 1080 dimming zones. The 75-inch variant has 1920 dimming zones. Moreover, there are 2300 dimming zones in 85-inch and 98-inch variants.

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Kiran Yahya
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