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How to Play COD Beta on Xbox?

If you love exciting games that get your heart pumping, get ready for COD Beta Modern Warfare. if you are truly a fan, then you are surely aware of the exciting news that the COD Beta on Xbox is like a special pass that lets you see all the awesome action before everyone else.

To make sure you don’t miss any of the fun, we’ve created a really helpful guide to how to play COD Beta on Xbox. It’s like a handbook that makes it super easy for you to play on this virtual battlefield. We’ve kept it simple so you can jump into the game like a pro! Get ready for an adventure like no other!

1. Pre-order for Early Access

Begin by pre-ordering Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III through a participating retailer.

Pre-orders provide exclusive early access to the Beta, offering a head start into the multiplayer mayhem.

2. Retrieve Your Beta Code

Check your pre-order receipt for the beta code if you purchased it from a physical store.

If you pre-ordered online, find the Beta code in the email confirmation.

3. Access Early With Pre-order

Enter the Beta code on your Xbox to unlock early access.

Early access for pre-orders begins at 10 am PT on October 12 for Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One.

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4. Download the Beta

Navigate to the Microsoft Store on your Xbox console.

Search for “COD Beta” and initiate the download.

Pre-ordering ensures you’re among the first to download during early access.

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5. Explore Maps and Modes

Familiarize yourself with the diverse selection of maps, including Core and Ground War options.

Experiment with different modes to find your preferred style of play.

6. Progress and Unlock Rewards

Engage in battles to progress through the 30-level system.

Unlock rewards such as animated emblems, weapon charms, and operator skins as you reach specific levels.

7. Enjoy Enhanced Gameplay

Modern Warfare III introduces changes to movement dynamics and adds a variety of new weapons.

Take the time to experiment with these features to adapt your gameplay strategy.

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8. Repeat and Refine

Utilize the Beta as a training ground to refine your skills before the official launch.

Learn map layouts, test weapons, and strategize for the full-scale warfare that awaits.

By following these detailed steps of how to play COD beta on Xbox?, you’ll seamlessly navigate the process of playing the COD Beta on Xbox, ensuring you make the most of the early access and emerge as a seasoned warrior in the world of Modern Warfare III. Get ready to dominate the battlefield!



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