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Lenovo Smart Wireless Earbuds Review

Are you looking for an ideal pair of earbuds but within a budget price? Then, stop here since this Lenovo Smart Wireless Earbuds review might help you make up your mids. These latest Lenovo Smart wireless Earbuds with their active noise cancellation, bluetooth 5.2, sleek and stylish body, and long battery life can be anyone’s dream to have in their collecion.

However, they also have some minor drawbacks such as heavy charging case and weak noise cancellation. If you want to have a sincere Lenovo Smart Wireless Earbud review, then keep on scrolling the article. 

Lenovo Smart Wireless Earbuds Review


The Lenovo Smart Wireless Earbuds are known for their sleek and stylish angular body design which makes them different from other earbuds in the market. They have a comfortable fit with four adjustable tip sizes. 

Moreover, the sound quality is also quite satisfying. They deliver good bass and clear sound. Not only this, but they also feature ANC and Ambient modes to cope with every environment. Their Bluetooth 5.2 gives you an instant connection with your respective device. 

But according to some Lenovo Smart Wireless Earbuds reviews, it also has some minor drawbacks such as its ANC is not very effective. Furthermore, the case is also a bit bulky and not easy to carry everywhere. However, these cons are not too obtrusive. 

Even though, there are many good options in the market. But a pair with such advanced features and a fair price is difficult to keep on hold. 

Brand Lenovo
Model Lenovo Smart Wireless earbuds
Earpiece styleIn-ear design
Driver type Dynamic 
Driver size 11 mm
Number of mics6 mics
Noise cancellationAdaptive Noise Cancellation
Width of earbud28.4 mm
Length of earbud47.7 mm
Height of earbud56 mm
Width of case2.2 inches
Length of case1.8 inches
Height of case1.1 inches
Weight of earbud4.5 grams
Weight of case40 grams
Water-resistant Yes 
Battery capacity of case400 mAh
Battery timing 7 hours
Battery timing with case25 hours
Charging port USB type-C
Bluetooth version Bluetooth 5.2 
Bluetooth range10 meters
Compatibility iOSAndroid 8 or higher
Wireless chargingYes 


The earbuds come with a wide 11 mm driver so you can enjoy vibrant and clear sound without any unnecessary buffering. 

The charging case is extremely lightweight, portable, and durable. It has an angular cut design which makes it stand out in the market. Moreover, it also features a USB-C charging port and IPX4 water resistance to increase its sustainability. 

The earbuds come with four different adjustable tips so you can find the perfect size according to your ear holes. Additionally, they are also extremely comfortable and effortless to wear.

Lenovo Smart Wireless Earbuds Review

The earbuds support smooth and seamless connectivity with multiple devices. All you need to do is to open the charging case lid and press the little button on it. Or else you can also connect through the Lenovo smart wearable app from your phone. 

You can answer calls or adjust and change audio either by tapping on the earbuds or using active voice assistant on your phone. 

The earbuds feature an active noise cancellation which adjusts all your background sounds to provide you with a peaceful environment while calling. Moreover, it also has an ambient mode which creates a balance between the audio and the surrounding noises. So, you can enjoy your favorite songs while keeping the whereabouts of your surroundings. 

It also has an efficient bluetooth 5.2 connection so you can connect it to your device as soon as you turn your earbuds on. Moreover, it can stand over seven hours on one charge. If the case is fully charged then it can easily survive for twenty-nine hours. 


  • Deep and high bass
  • Excellent companion app features
  • Charging case with Qi
  • Easy to pair with any device or operating system
  • Water-resistant
  • Bluetooth 5.2
  • Smart switch between 2 paired devices
  • Longer battery timing
  • Decent and comfortable design
  • 10 minutes charge, 1 hour playtime


  • Noise cancellation is not up to the mark
  • Easy-to-trigger on-ear controls
  • Heavier charging case


Can I connect multiple devices at once on Lenovo Smart Wireless Earbuds?

Yes, you can connect 2 devices at once with Lenovo Smart Wireless earbuds. It has a smart switch feature that allows users to switch between two devices whenever they want. However, the device should be Android 8, Windows 10, or higher. It can easily connect with any iOS and MacOS version.

How long does it take to charge Lenovo Smart Wireless earbuds?

It takes less than an hour to charge your Lenovo Smart Wireless earbuds. After a full charge, the earbuds last up to 7 hours. Moreover, if you are using it with the case, then the case provides 3 extra charges. So, its total playtime exceeds 25 hours when used with the charging case. However, if you are in a hurry, you can charge it for just 10 minutes and enjoy a long playtime of an hour.

Is there any app for Lenovo Smart Wireless earbuds?

Yes, Lenovo has made a special application for its Smart Wireless earbuds. The application is known as Lenovo Smart Wearable. This app allows users to check and change different features of their earbuds. It helps you easily pair and control your earbuds using your mobile phone. Moreover, this Lenovo Smart Wearable app for Lenovo Smart Wireless earbuds also checks for software updates in your earbuds to keep you up-to-date.

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