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Lenovo Thinkplus Earbuds Review

Are you also looking for a good pair of earbuds that looks sleek and ergonomic but also comes within the budget? Apparently, once you start scrolling the internet there are thousands of options and deals available. This makes us too confused to make the right choice. Do you need a pair of earbuds that has an advanced touch control panel, features noise cancellation, a durable and comfortable design, and a strong Bluetooth connection? Then, Lenovo ThinkPlus Earbuds Review will surely be a good choice for you. 

lenovo thinkplus earbuds review

So, if you want to know more about the specs and pros and cons of Lenovo Thinkplus Eabuds then keep on scrolling through the article. 

Lenovo Thinkplus Earbuds Review

The most highlighted feature of these earbuds is their 60ms low latency mode. Hence, no matter what you are watching there will be no delay in the audio. The earbuds have a very fascinating and sleek design. 

The charging case is carved as a snake head and it also has LED lights to enhance its look. Moreover, it has a long battery life of 30 MAh which means you can continuously listen to your favorite song or watch your favorite movie for 4 hours. 

Not only this, it also comes with the modern touch control feature, which means you can easily handle music and calls and activate voice assistants. Another key feature is their call quality and active noise cancellation. This means you can comfortably listen to any call without worrying about the noises surrounding you. Additionally, it also supports Bluetooth 5.3 technology to give you an instant connection with the desired device. 

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Brand Lenovo
Model Thinkplus LP1 pro
Earpiece designIn-ear style
Compatible Android iPhone
Chagrin port USB type-C
Bluetooth version Bluetooth 5.1
Bluetooth range10 meters
Speaker diameter10 mm
Speaker performance2 x 20 mW
Sensitivity104 dB
Battery timing of earpiece5 hours
Battery timing of the case5 hours
Battery capacity of earpiece 30 mAh
Battery capacity of case250 mAh
Weight of earpiece 3.5 grams
Frequency 20 to 20 000 Hz
Speaker impedance32 ohms


These Earbuds are equipped with a 10 mm driver. So, you can enjoy your favorite audio and music in a more detailed version. 

Its 5.3 Bluetooth connection provides you with fast and stable connectivity. Moreover, it also features perfect audio and video Synchronization. So, you don’t miss any moment while watching your favorite movie and dashing in your favorite game. These earbuds are ideal for their call quality. They not only ensure a clear voice delivery but also cancel out all the surrounding noises so you can focus on your call without any distractions. 

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lenovo thinkplus earbuds review

The earbuds also offer a satisfactory operating time of 4 hours. The charging case takes 1.5 hours to be recharged. However, it can extend the battery life of the earbuds to 25 hours once the case is fully recharged, thanks to its 250 mAh battery. 

The Earbuds have a very sleek and ergonomic design which is comfortable to wear for a long time. Moreover, they also feature a touch panel and auto Bluetooth connection for the ease of the user. 

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  • Bluetooth 5.3 
  • Very comfortable
  • Durable and stable
  • Budget-friendly
  • Touch controls 
  • Noise cancellation


  • Cheap plastic
  • Midrange
  • Not a good design


How long do Lenovo ThinkPlus earbuds last?

Lenovo Thinkplus earbuds come with a battery capacity of 30 mAh in each earpiece. Additionally, the charging case provided by Lenovo also has a decent battery capacity of 250 mAh. Therefore, each earbud can last up to 5 hours. This lifetime can be further extended by 5 hours using the case. You will get 10 hours of playtime with these earbuds.

Are Lenovo ThinkPlus earbuds good?

Lenovo ThinkPlus earbuds are the best midrange earbuds released by Lenovo in recent times. These earbuds come with a handful of unique features that make it stand out against its competitors. Lenovo ThinkPlus earbuds have a noise-cancellation feature with helpful touch controls and a comfortable design. These earbuds are very light in weight, portable, durable, and have good stability. Moreover, you will also get Bluetooth 5.1 connectivity in these budget-range earbuds. 

How much do Lenovo ThinkPlus earbuds cost?

The cost of Lenovo ThinkPlus earbuds differs according to your region and the website or store you are visiting. Estimatedly, the price of Lenovo ThinkPlus is between 10 to 30 US Dollars. You just have to find the best retailer to get the best pair of earbuds. 

Do Lenovo ThinkPlus earbuds have a noise-cancellation microphone?

Yes, Lenovo ThinkPlus earbuds come with an exceptional microphone that provides you with a noise-cancellation feature. This feature cuts off all the background sounds getting into your microphone and makes your voice clearer while calling or recording. 

Are Lenovo earbuds worth it?

Lenovo is one of the most well-known brands, producing mid-level earbuds for a long time. The prices of all Lenovo earbuds are very reasonable. Plus, the sound quality of these earbuds is also best in this price bracket. Moreover, Lenovo’s earbuds also come with a long-lasting battery and minimal designs. These common features make Lenovo’s earbuds worth buying.

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