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Nikki Advice Guide

If you have decided to participate in one of the most well-hyped games, then here is a quick Nikki Advice guide for you to polish your skills and nail victory even with weak heroes, as sometimes the stamina shortfall might stop you from choosing the best Nikke and ideal equipment. 

Basic Elements to Level Up The Nikke Performance

Nikke is a well-hyped RPG 3D shooter game. It is the talk of the town for its next-generation, top-notch science-fiction graphics and multi-color abilities. It is surely a treat for the gacha game lovers with its 40 different game heroes, named Nikke. It has already hit a 3 million milestone of pre-registered players for its global launch to acquire free SSP rarity. 

Here are a few of the different ways by which players can boost the performance of their Nikke to win maximum results. This Nikke Advice Guide provides the players a vision to extract top-notch results even from the weak players in Goddess of Victory: Nikke. So, without any further delay, let’s have a quick look at the points mentioned below. 

Nikki Advice Guide

Analyzing Characters

It is necessary for the players to fully analyze, understand, and improvise their characters. You can access a lot of details about your characters from the NIKKE profile. The first thing on the list is the “NIKKI rarity.” The rarity of NIKKE can be upscaled in the game. This multiplies the damage, determines the ammo capacity, and also affects the overall stats of NIKKI. The more rarity a character achieves, the better it performs.

The second thing to consider in the characters is the “Limit break status.” This feature tells the players how many times the character has been limited. A limit break allows you to increase your character level by 40. You need to have two of the same characters to “limit break” it. Another thing to take care of is the “Burst type indicator.” The Burst type indicator allows players to understand the playing style of the characters and use them accordingly. 

Moreover, you should also keep the basic states in mind. These basic states include attack, defense, critical hit rate, ammo capacity, hit points, and many more. The NIKKIs are also associated with different elements. Each element has different powers and weaknesses. There are 5 major elements, including Fire, Water, Wind, Electric, and Iron. Furthermore, you will also get several weapons. Each weapon will have different damage, firing speed, reloading speed, ammo capacity, etc.

Setting up

Any Nikke can increase base stats as its level is boosted. However, it is important to remember that this leveling up is different from what equipment provides. If players are stuck at any level, it is essential to boost their Nikke level to the current potential to ace that round. At first, any Nikke can be uplifted to the maximum level of 80. However, later the player has to limit broken to exceed their level caps. 

Players can increase the level of their Nikke via credits and battle data sets. Moreover, after every 10 levels, players have to require Core Dust to unlock the next 20 levels. This can be acquired from the credit market or by completing events, main story stages, and daily core dust dungeons. 

Limit Break

As mentioned above, you can increase the level of your character by 40 using “limit break.” But there should be a duplicate of that particular character in your possession. Moreover, it is also impossible to carry out a “limit break” before reaching level 80. Besides that, you can not even “limit break” the R rarity characters, making them less effective. 

Aspects of equipment

Although players have the right to decide on other management regarding the game, they can choose the equipment of their choice for their Nikke. This equipment can be farmed at different stages of the game. Each Nikke is capable of holding different slots for equipment, and each piece of equipment is allocated to only one Nikke. T equipment has a rarity: rare, epic, or legendary. Each piece of equipment has its rarity and stat attached to it. One can’t be an attacker using defense equipment. These equipment can be upgraded using credits to increase their stats and functionality. 


Usually, the Nikke offers very few resources, such as core dust and gems. Initially, the cost of resetting Nikke is only 10 gems. However, it can vary during the Global launch. Any player can reset the Nikke at any level and regain all the used resources. This will help them polish their skills and introduce better team building. 

Bottom Line

So, here is a short guide on one of the most popular games, “Goddess of Victory: NIKKI.” We hope that you may have gained enough information to start playing this game. As you progress in the game, you will learn a lot of stuff, and the game will become more fun.

Kiran Yahya
Kiran Yahya
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