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RockJam Compact 61 Key Keyboard Review

Are you also a music enthusiast who wants to check on every percussion musical instrument? If your answer is yes then you’ve landed on the right page. We are providing an honest review of the RockJam Compact 61 key keyboard, a perfect choice for beginners and music lovers with its built-in speakers, wide sound range, and the addition of a microphone or headphone and a big LCD.

All these specs must’ve convinced you a little about knowing this amazing instrument. But do you know it has no USB extension and the seats are fragile? If you want to know more such details, then keep on reading the article. 

RockJam Compact 61 Key Keyboard Review


The RockJam Compact 61 keyboard is a perfect choice for beginners and aspiring musicians who want to carry a modern, melodious, and portable music instrument with them on the go. With its 61 keys, it offers you multiple chords and sounds to enhance your range of octaves to play. Its metronome function will assist the musicians in playing their melodies with rhythm and rhyme.

Not only this, it also comes with two teaching modes for the ease of the rising musicians. The keyboard offers a wide diversity of 200 voices and 200 rhythms along with 46 note cords, 40 demo songs, and playbacks. Not only this, the keyboard also has 12 different percussion instruments to enhance your experience and mode of expertise.

The keyboard also facilitates the musicians with a built-in microphone jack and headphone connection. Furthermore, it also has a keyboard split option and a dual-tone feature, along with its transpose, vibrato, and sustain functions. You can also download free songs from the Simply Piano App or enjoy MP3 playback through USB or AUX. 


If you want to know more about the specs, pros, and cons of this keyboard, then, this section explaining the detailed RockJam Compact 61 keyboard review will be a great helping hand for you. So keep on scrolling the article. 

Connector typeAUX
Number of keyboard keys61
Output power5 watts
Screen Yes
Screen typeLCD
Seat and standYes 
Speakers built-in
Other accessories in the boxHeadphones 
Demo songs50+
Teaching modes2
Voices and rhythms200
Percussion instruments12

It is indeed a budget-friendly and beginner’s dream keyboard. It produces a clear and high bass sound and the rhythms don’t crackle with each other. After the 38th tone, the tones are not labeled properly and the staff needs to assess the next rhythm according to the sequence they remember. You can connect SUX, loudspeakers, headphones, etc. to enhance your audio experience. 

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Moreover, you can also download up to 46 sounds on your piano. You can also connect it to the internet via the Simply Piano App and enjoy downloaded songs of your choice. Along with its built-in speakers, the piano keyboard also has a seat and stand so the musician can peachfully play their melodies. 

Although providing a seat on this budget was a great initiative, here it’s necessary to mention that the chair is very fragile and can be reshaped or broken easily. 


  • Wide range of sounds
  • Built-in speakers
  • Comes with a seat and stand
  • Microphone and headphones included
  • Big LCD screen in front


  • The seat is very fragile
  • No USB connection


Q. How many keys are there in the RockJam compact piano?

Ans. The RockJam Compact piano comes with 61 different keys. It has a feature of 50+ different musical sounds and tunes. Moreover, you will also get around 40 demo songs.

Q. Is the RockJam Compact 61 key keyboard review good or bad?

Ans. The RockJam Compact 61 key keyboard will provide you with the best performance in this price range, but it’s not made for professionals. But, it is an amazing choice for beginners to play some tunes and practice.

Kiran Yahya
Kiran Yahya
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