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The Best Dynamic Microphone

Although the condenser mics are highly responsive, fragile, and usually pricey. Therefore, podcasts and vocal artists nowadays opt for dynamic microphones, because they are relatively budget-friendly, with voice cancellation, and loud bass management features. Hence, if you are also looking for the Best Dynamic Microphone, then we’ve reviewed three best and top-notch microphones for you. So, without wasting any time, let’s dig into the article to look into the specs and drawbacks of these mics and find the best deal. 

Sennheiser MD 421-II

It is indeed a classic dynamic and versatile microphone, that any voice recorder will acclaim to have. It features a full-bodied cardiac pattern and five-position bass control to deliver excellent sound quality. Whether you want to play high bass guitars or drums or try jamming or broadcasting, it’ll surely deliver classic audio results. 

The Best Dynamic Microphone

Its cardioid pattern will cancel out all the surrounding noises and deliver a clean and clear noise response with no unnatural bass feel. Moreover, the mic is also known for its sturdy body and lifetime durable performance. 

Additionally, it features a top-notch frequency response between 30Hz to 17 KHz. Although it is a bit costly, its amazing features justify the price.

Mic type Dynamic mic Polar pattern 5 (Adjustable)
Frequency response range 30 to 17 000 HzSensitivity 2 mV/Pa
Impedance 200 Ohms Min Impedance 200 Ohms 
Connectivity type XLR 3-pin Length 21.7 cm
Diameter 4.3 cm Weight 380 grams 
Color Black and Gray Noise 2dBA
Max SPL160 dBLow-cut filter Yes (80 Hz)
Shock mount Yes Material Metal 
Power requirement No Noise level 18 dBA
Gain 25 dB


  • Great audio quality 
  • Very durable metal body 
  • Versatile 
  • Handles the noise very efficiently 
  • Outstanding design 
  • Five polar patterns 
  • Captures low background noise
  • Comes with a shock mount 


  • The price is a bit higher 
  • Does not have any power supply 
  • Size and weight are slightly greater than usual
  • Not very compatible with apps 
  • No switch or controls 
  • Limited color choices 
  • Does not support USB connectivity 
  • Stereo recording is not satisfactory 

Rode PodMic

If you are looking for an ideal broadcasting mic for your podcasts, then this silky and top-notch Rode PodMic will surely amplify your needs. It delivers a smooth, balanced, and easy-to-listen sound that will surely take your podcasting performance to another level. Moreover, it also features a durable and compact all-metal body for a lifetime use.

The Best Dynamic Microphone

With its end-fire integrated pop shield and stainless-steel mesh grill, it will surely deliver an anti-pop smooth sound. Additionally, it only costs you $99 to add this mic to your collection. For the amazing features it offers, this price is surely quite a surprise. Hence, it’s clear why the mic has hype among regular podcasters. 

Mic type Dynamic mic Polar pattern Cardioid 
Frequency response range 20 to 20 000 HzSensitivity 1 V/Pa
Output impedance 320 Ohms Max SPL 120 dB
Connectivity type 3-pin XLRUSB type-C (Female)Height 17.4 cm
Width 10.7 cm Depth 6.4 cm 
Weight 920 grams Noise level 14 dBA
Power requirement 5 Volts Color Black 
Material Zinc, Aluminum Stand mount Yes 
Adapter Yes (⅜ inches)Dynamic range 96 dB
Windscreen Yes Impedance 32 Ohms 


  • Amazing audio quality 
  • Strong and stylish build with great durability 
  • Has a polar pattern of cardioid 
  • Comes with a mounting stand 
  • Very well priced according to specs
  • The self-noise is very low
  • Compatible with USB


  • Heavier than other dynamic mics
  • Can only mic audio from one direction 
  • Needs a phantom power of at least 5 volts
  • No low-cut filter included 
  • Have to buy XLR cable separately 
  • Less color variants 
  • No built-in monitor 

sE Electronics V7

This microphone is an ideal deal if you are heading for a stage performance. Its aluminum voice coil produces a natural sound while giving it a dynamic crispy feel. Moreover, its super cardioid design is also capable of isolating all the stage voices, so you can shine on stage. Additionally, the integrated shock mounts also cancel out all rumble and handling noises to ensure an even smoother performance.  

The Best Dynamic Microphone

It is manufactured with durable zinc alloy and a supertough beveled spring steel mesh grill to ensure the long life of the microphone. There is almost nothing that this mic is likely to go wrong with. From its dynamic performance, and top-notch sound delivery to decent pricing, everything is on point and makes it a good option to purchase. 

Mic type Dynamic Polar pattern Super cardioid 
Frequency response range 40 to 19 000 HzSensitivity 1.9 mV/Pa
Impedance 300 ohms Max SPL147 dB
Connectivity type 3-pin XLRHeight 7.3 inches
Diameter 2.2 inches Weight 310 grams 
Material All metal Windscreen Yes 
FilterYes Shock mount Yes (⅜ and ⅝ inches)
Carrying pouch Yes Mic clip Yes 
App Almost all Color Black 


  • Lighter on pocket 
  • Outstanding  audio quality 
  • Has a polar pattern of super-cardioid 
  • Strong and durable all-metal build
  • The handling SPL is higher
  • Also has a windscreen and filter 
  • Shock mount 
  • Higher range of frequency response 


  • Only has a single polar pattern (super-cardioid)
  • Does not include phantom power
  • The size and weight of the mic are a bit higher 
  • Not many color options
  • The sensitivity is low 
  • No controls 
  • Not compatible with USB
  • Not available in most regions 

Final Words 

We had a brief look at some of the best dynamic microphones in this article. Every microphone has its pros and cons. All these dynamic microphones are very versatile and can be used for live performances, recordings, podcasts, and instrument recording.  But it is your job to pick the best dynamic microphone that satisfies your needs.

Kiran Yahya
Kiran Yahya
Kiran Yahya is a professional technical writer with 4+ years of experience. Her expertise include writing detailed, unbiased reviews on tech products and tools, along with covering trending news on relevant topics.


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