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HP Omen 40L Review

Do you think that the pre-built PCs in the market are too overpriced and sometimes they don’t have the features we need in our setup? By considering this key issue, HP has introduced its HP Omen 40L desktop with its vast customizable features. So, if you want to get an HP Omen 40L review and know more about its incredible offerings and deals, keep scrolling through the article. 


It supports a wide variety of configurations, including famous CPU and GPU brands. Moreover, it also includes the latest-generation options from Intel, Nvidia, and AMD to accommodate up-to-date users. 

HP Omen 40L Review

The Chassis and cooing fans are constant among all models. However, it comes with a customizable built-in white aesthetic light. Moreover, it doesn’t show too much branding, and the diamond-shaped omen logo is carved in front of it. Although the desktop is big and large, it is sleek and aesthetic at the same time. 

The desktop supports several I/O ports, including 2 USB 2.0 Type A, 2 USB Type A 5Gbps, 1 headphone and microphone combo, and 1 microphone jack.

The Omen supports 8 primarily customizable CPU models. But it is important to remember that their pricing will vary according to the specs you need and the intermediate you buy from. It can accommodate any video card. Moreover, the motherboard and the GPU are also upgradable. You also have a choice to customize the entire system.

BrandHewlett Packard Company
Model HP Omen 40L
Color Black 
Operating systemWindows 11 Home
Processor Intel Core i7 12700K
Processor frequencyUp to 5.0 GHz
Integrated graphicsIntel UHD Graphics 770
Graphic cardNvidia GeForce GTX 3070
GPU memory8 GB
RAM16 GB (8 + 8 GB)
RAM typeDDR4
RAM slots4
Storage512 GB
Storage typeSolid State Drive
Secondary storage1 TB
Secondary storage typeHard Disk Drive
Power supply 800 Watts
Ports4 USB type-A1 microphone1 microphone + headphones1 USB type-C
Fans 2 RGB liquid cooler
Fan size120 mm
Width  8.0 inches
Length 18.5 inches
Height 18.4 inches
Weight 41.2 pounds


  • Strong Hardware
  • Stylish design
  • Amazing cooling system
  • Extraordinary CPU and GPU performance
  • Massive and extendable RAM and storage
  • Omen Gaming Hub
  • Comes with a customizable variant


  • Very expensive
  • No DDR5 RAM support
  • CPU can not reach the highest frequency
  • RGB controls are non-sense
  • No SD card reader
  • Integrated graphics are not usable
HP Omen 40L Review

Final Thoughts

If you are still convinced about adding your preferred features to your PC, then you can invest in the HP Omen 40L as it can add advanced and upgradeable features, and the treat is its sleek and stylish body within a remarkable price range. 

Building your PC according to your needs is a good option, but it can be troublesome sometimes. It might be profitable if you have a clear idea of the specs and features you need and know how to make them work rhythmically. Otherwise, it can be an epic fail, and all your money will be wasted. Apart from this, it is also very time-consuming to customize a PC. 


  1. When was the HP Omen 40L released?

The HP Omen 40L was launched in February 2022. It was available for the customers after that. 

  1. What is the difference between HP Omen 40L and 45L?

The HP Omen 40L comes with Nvidia GeForce RTX 3070, while the HP Omen 45L has graphic cards from the Nvidia GeForce RTX 40 series. The HP Omen 40L comes with 2 RAM sticks of 8 GB and 2 empty slots. And the HP Omen 45L has 4 sticks of 8 GB RAM. 

  1. Is the HP Omen 40L upgradable?

Yes, the HP Omen 40 L is upgradable. You can easily change its processor, graphic card, RAM, and power supply as well.

  1. How expensive is the HP Omen 40L?

According to many experts, the HP Omen 40L is a bit overpriced. The original price of Omen 40L is 2,150 US Dollars (September 2022). It is currently available on HP’s official site. 

  1. What is the memory and storage of the HP Omen 40L?

HP released Omen 40L in February 2022. It comes with 2 sticks of 8 GB RAM (total 16 GB). The RAM type is DDR4. Moreover, the primary storage is 512 GB SSD, and the secondary storage is 1 TB HDD.

  1. Does the HP Omen 40L have Bluetooth and WiFi?

Yes, the HP Omen 40L supports both Bluetooth and WiFi. The Bluetooth version used in Omen 40L is Bluetooth 5.2. Moreover, the HP Omen 40L has Intel WiFi 6 AX201 with an M.2 interface. WiFI comes with dual bands of 2.4 and 5.0 GHz.

Kiran Yahya
Kiran Yahya
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