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Which are the Best Crossplay Games For PC and Xbox 360?

Crossplay generally means the ability for players on different gaming platforms to play the same games on different platforms together. This could include the PC, Xbox, PlayStation, and other platforms. Therefore, many lovers play these games on PC and Xbox. That’s why we are providing the details of the best crossplay games for PC and Xbox 360. Of course, there are a lot of platforms but we will discuss only a few. 


We can see Fortnite works awesome when it is used to playing with friends on different devices. Notably, it does not need any cost for this purpose. So, the users and their friends on the Xbox 360 can get the joy of the action without worrying about buying the game.

Now, what makes Fortnite different from others? It’s not an ordinary game because of its massive battle royale. Besides, this platform is considered the best one for Crossplay Games for PC and Xbox 360.


Minecraft users know better why it’s the top of crossplay games for PC and Xbox 360. Simply, it creates a virtual space from where these devices take the benefit of this unique and adventurous game. You’re not only playing a game but also making the world according to your needs. There is no doubt that this platform can also connect with other devices except PC and Xbox. 

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Rocket League

Most users feel the soccer vibe while playing Rocket League, but with cars that have rockets attached. If you’re on a PC and your friend is on an Xbox 360, both can still team up and have a blast together. Rocket League lets you and your team up with each other through different devices. This game brings friends together for some serious and unforgettable moments. Notably, this game provides the facilities therefore it is in the list of crossplay games for PC and Xbox 360. 

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Sea of Thieves

Sea of Thieves gives the vibes of a pirate party where PC and Xbox 360 players can join forces. You don’t have to worry about the type of device that your partner has – everyone can play together. This teamwork makes it one of the most engaging games for mingling with pals on different gaming machines. So, if you want a sea experience, Sea of Thieves is the best choice!

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Among Us

The mind-blowing crossplay game for PC and Xbox 360 is Among Us. it is a popular game where players work together to complete tasks on a spaceship, but there are impostors among the crew trying to sabotage the mission. The users feel it is like a sneaky game of hide-and-seek in space and that’s the reason why they play it. 



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