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How Much Can I Sell My Nintendo Switch For? 

Players are curious to find out, “How much can I sell my Nintendo Switch for?” But firstly, we should know what it is. The Nintendo Switch is a gaming console made by Nintendo. It can be used at home on your TV or as a handheld device for gaming on the go. It has controllers that can be detached and used separately or together. 

You can enjoy a wide variety of games on the Nintendo Switch, from Mario to Minecraft, which is why it’s so popular among players. However, if you ever feel like taking a break from it, you might consider selling your Nintendo Switch. Unsure about how much you can get for it? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! Let’s explore the current prices for used Nintendo Switch consoles and where you can sell them.

Buying Prices

If you’re considering buying a used Nintendo Switch, here’s what you can expect to pay as of 2024:

  • Nintendo Switch – Unfortunately, GameStop doesn’t have any available, but you might find one for around $238 on Amazon, and it could be around $221 on eBay.
  • Nintendo Switch Lite – For the Lite version, you might snag one for $161 at GameStop, $179 on Amazon, or $172 on eBay.

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Selling Prices

Notably, It’s a fact that buying it is easy, but people often face hardships and have questions “How much can I sell my Nintendo Switch for?” So, if you’re also looking to sell your Nintendo Switch, here’s what you could get from it:

  • Nintendo Switch – Online buyback stores offer you around $102, while brick-and-mortar stores like Best Buy, Target, or GameStop might give you about $20. If you opt for online marketplaces such as eBay, you could fetch around $191.
  • Nintendo Switch Lite – Expect roughly $60 from online buyback stores for the Lite version the same $20 from brick-and-mortar stores and approximately $149 on eBay.

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Factors Affecting Price

Remember, the value of your Nintendo Switch can vary depending on certain factors. Accessories, special editions, and the condition of your console can all influence the price. If you have extra accessories or the original packaging, you can fetch a bit more.

Condition Matters

Keep in mind that the condition of your Nintendo Switch plays a significant role in determining its value. Most buyers prefer consoles in good working condition with minimal cosmetic damage. However, even if your console is slightly damaged, there are still buyers who might be interested, especially if they refurbish gaming systems. So, whether you’re looking to buy or sell a Nintendo Switch, it’s essential to consider these factors to get the best deal possible. I hope it will guide you! 



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